10 Best Royalty Free Stock Photos Sites For Affiliate Marketing

“May you tell me where I can get royalty-free stock photos or free photos to use for company promotion, marketing, and other purposes?” – It’s one of the most often asked questions!

You usually require a lot of photographs for different tasks, whether you’re a writer, content writer, designer, or small company owner.

We can find hundreds of free and paid stock photo sites with a quick Google search.

So, how do you decide which stock photo source to use? Do you also think is it okay to pay $30 for photos?

The answer is so obvious. It depends on the needs, quality, and uniqueness of your photos.

Here is my list of royalty-free stock photos for company promotion websites, created with this balance in mind and to assist entrepreneurs to save time. Here is the list of 10 sites from which you can get exceptional photos for advertising and marketing. It contains free, low-cost, and premium solutions.


What Is A Stock Image Website?

We know websites that provide images to download for personal or commercial purposes as stock image websites. You may need to pay a license fee to the stock photo sites and photographer, or they may provide it for free. 

With the accepted terms, you can also get more offers for illustrations, vector images, video clips, motion graphics, and music from the same websites.


Why Should You Need Stock Image sites?

Businesses, media companies, marketing agencies, and content providers need visual content to communicate their messages effectively. To tell your brand story through your website and social media profiles, you’ll need new images.

Selecting photos for each topic or selecting from your self-shot archives would be a time-consuming task. Hiring a photographer or graphic designer to develop unique photos every time you need them is even more time-consuming and costly. The stock photo sites make all these easy.


Benefits Of Using Stock Image Sites:

• All the photos are ready to use. 

• You may easily search and get a graphic for your topic.

• Browse regularly updated image collections.

• Change it to meet your creative objectives.


Which Are the Best Sites for Free Stock Photos?

Best Sites for Free Stock Photos

After researching lots of stock photo sites for our affiliate marketing site – ADAttract, here we are listed the 10 best websites to download royalty-free stock photos for Affiliate Marketing sites.


1. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the most successful stock photo sites on the internet, dedicated to sharing images by professionals from all over the world. The best feature is that anyone may join this website and contribute for free. It has over 100,000 contributors and over 1 million sample photos. Over a billion Unsplash photos have been downloaded globally from the website.

The photos are free to use for both business and non-commercial uses. Under the Creative Commons License, it provides everyone worldwide, non-exclusive copyright permissions.


Best For:

Unsplash images are perfect for blog post cover photos, brainstorming, and academic projects.


• Expanding regularly

• Provide HD images

• The photos are free of cost.

• Unsplash offers the photos non-exclusive, global copyright.


• The usage of keywords in a broad sense is lacking.

• Filtering can be changed for the better.


2. Canva

Canva is a powerful collaborative application for entrepreneurs and small companies that allows anyone, regardless of creative ability, to design, manage and share branded content.


Best For:

Canva is best for advertisers, bloggers, social media managers, designers, digital marketers, etc. for creating visual content.


• Readymade templates to be used by those who aren’t designers.

• For developing branded content, there are several tools and resources available.

• Many sorts of app connections are available.


• There are no features for video and audio calling or screen sharing.

• When co-editing, you can’t see the cursor of your teammates.


3. Visme.com

Visme is a free infographic and presentation tool with access to a large library of high-resolution stock photos.

You may locate practically any topic among millions of photographs in a searchable library.

Visme prepared infographics, professional presentations, or required great photographs for your next social media campaign.


Best For:

Portrait and landscape photographs are available on Visme for everything from social media posts to blog post headers.


• A built-in picture editor adjusts photos to meet your objectives and demands.

• 1 lakh+ HD photos available

• Library for keyword searching

• Cutout photos in both Portrait and landscape size


• To allow access, you must first create an account.

• Options for filtering could be improved.


4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the most well-known terms in any creative vocabulary, but even if you’ve heard of it, you might not know what it does. There are a lot of free photos on Shutterstock, but the high-quality content isn’t. This price can vary significantly, and pricing plans are available that range from a time purchase to full team access.


Best For:

Shutterstock is for all from sellers to buyers. All the marketers can use the Shutterstock website for free stock photos. One can find photos for all the keywords.


• Vast amounts of royalty-free images

• Search bar

• filter function

• Quick suggestion

• Also access music, tracks, video footages


• Expensive

• Some free images are different after purchasing them.


5. Pixabay

Pixabay is an online stock photo site that is used by a billion people across the world. They have over a million images in their database, all of which are free of copyright issues and may be used for any reason. It now includes a database of around 40,000,00 pictures.


Best For:

Pixabay has lots of great photos for educational and business presentations. Photographs can also be used for blog articles, eCommerce websites, and other purposes.


• Along with photos, it provides vectors and videos.

• More than a million photographs are available on Pixabay.

• It has a built-in safe search tool that helps you stay away from explicit and adult information.


• Sometimes, the quality can be poor.

• Image URLs from Pixabay do not function on other websites.


6. Pexels

Under the Creative Commons Zero license, Pexels shares photographs for free. With over 100,000 images in the database, you’re likely to find what you’re searching for with a simple search. The photographs are divided into areas such as Black and White, Entrepreneur Life, Stripes, and others.

Aside from photographers who submit their work, the site collects related photos from free websites and organizes them on a single platform. All photos are completely free to use for both commercial and personal reasons. Furthermore, when attribution is chosen, it is unnecessary.


Best For:

Pexels offers images for both commercial and personal use, making it ideal for presentations, online portals, and social media postings. The website is designed for students seeking the greatest images for academic presentations.


• Over 2000 free photos are available.

• High-quality photos

• Color-coded photos may be found by scrolling through the gallery.


• It does not provide a community.


7. Picjumbo

Picjumbo, which was founded in 2013, is now one of the world’s top stock picture websites. The photographs are completely free and are used by millions of people all around the world every day.

The top feature is that photographs are well classified so that you can simply find the sort of images you’re looking for. Animals, fashion, food and drink, sunshine, technology, and other topics are covered.

You get unlimited free access to thousands of stock photos. However, some activities are not allowed, such as selling, reselling, or distributing images.


Best For:

Individuals and enterprises with a wide range of requirements and easy access to photos. It’s also ideal for students.


• High-quality resolution

• 5000+ free images

• Different categories are available

• Images can be labeled.

• It has a one-of-a-kind “Test Drive” function that allows users to examine how the photographs appear in different capacities in real-time.


• It does not provide vector images.

• Certain photos are not freely available.


8. Life Of Pix

One of the most popular photo websites on this list is Life of Pix. It rewards its endorsers with titles such as “Photographer of the Year,” which encourages them to publish high-quality stock photos and videos.

If you’re a frequent image seeker, you may establish your profile, customize your photos, and follow your favorite photographers. Photos can be used for both business and non-commercial purposes, but they cannot be resold or distributed in bulk.


Best For:

Artists, designers, and illustrators will benefit the most from this. The photos are suitable for usage in both professional and academic settings. It’s also a wonderful venue for aspiring photographers looking for professional recognition.


• New pictures are added to the site every week.

• They run a weekly photography competition to reward photographers, which serves as an incentive to share the best photos.

• You may change and update the images.

• Provides free videos as well.


• Small picture library 


9. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is one of the largest online stock photo sites, with over 27 million members and over 115 million stock images. It accesses social networks and purchases images, allowing the top photographers to make a considerable revenue (up to 60%) from the sale of their work.

You may use the free photos or purchase any image you like. They can be used for a variety of things, but they cannot be resold or redistributed.


Best For:

Bloggers, designers, and illustrators benefit from Dreamstime’s high-quality photos. It’s also a great concept for young photographers to sell their work and make money.


• High-quality images

• Besides photos, it provides vectors, drawings, music, video, and editorials.

• It has a search feature.


• Some photographs on the site need payment to be used.


10. iStock

For many years, iStock was the only microstock agency, with no meaningful competitors. It was the go-to site for buying and selling stock photos and is still a major rival today, but there are now hundreds of other firms in the mix.

Getty Images owns iStock, which is noted for its wide range of images, innovative features, and payment choices. Continue reading to find out more about them and how they rate in our competitive assessment.


Best For:

Many categories, such as keywords, file size, price range, picture style, color, and photographer or contributor name, will help you narrow down your search.


• iStock offers a wide range of stock pictures, with over 8 million exclusives to the site.

• Credits never expire.

• Since 2000, it has been one of the most popular stock picture sites in the market, selling a big number of photos every day.

• A well-organized website

• Submissions from users are appreciated.

• Choosing between a pay-as-you-go option and a credit commitment.

• There are images, video, audio, graphic, and vector assets to choose from.


• There are no video subscriptions available.

• The buying procedure is complicated because of the credit system.

• License extensions are expensive.

Best Royalty Free Stock Photos Sites For Affiliate Marketing


Making the perfect decision for stock photos sites might be difficult with so many possibilities accessible online. Testing multiple stock picture sites and exploring over one for the photos you want is a smart way to choose your favorite. Before downloading the photographs, make sure you read the License Policy carefully to avoid any copyright issues or other legal issues.

Check out these free stock photo sites whether you’re establishing a business, doing a presentation, or just need some creative inspiration. Is there any site that offers free stock photographs that we missed? Please let us know in the comments section.

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