[Free & Paid] Best 7 Affiliate Marketing Forums You Can Easily Join

You may hear forum, forum, and forum everywhere for online businesses. Like other businesses, there are many affiliate marketing forums on the Internet. Many affiliate marketers feel that marketing forums and networks are not helpful for their business. It is a reason – why its importance is being overlooked !!! But it is not the right thing to do. An affiliate marketing forum is a terrific platform for you to get support and knowledge if you will use it to its best potential. Depending on any affiliate marketing niche you’re interested in, you’ll almost certainly get a forum full of marketers just like you.


What Are Affiliate Marketing Forums?

An affiliate marketing forum is a collection of data on everything related to affiliate marketing. Not only that, but these forums are also excellent places to network with other marketers. On these forums, you may even network with professional people. Every affiliate marketer should join at least one affiliate marketing forum. You can make connections, make new friends, gain support and even attend affiliate conferences by joining the top affiliate marketing forums. Let’s inspect the benefits of joining the best affiliate marketers forums on the Internet.


Why Do You Join Affiliate Marketing Forums?

The most significant benefit of joining an affiliate marketing forum is – you can connect with a lot of other bloggers. You may take part in discussions and conversations, as well as get practical advice from renowned affiliate marketers. You may also progressively develop your own identity. However, in your forum profile, be sure to include your image and business name. Joining affiliate marketing forums may be helpful if you want to gain organic exposure. If you are an active member of a forum and regularly contribute tips and ideas, other forum members will visit your blog and attempt to keep up with what you post on your blog or website. Some of them may even become devoted supporters. In addition, affiliate managers of some large companies join these affiliate forums to monitor top-performing affiliate marketers who can increase sales and revenue for them. So, if you join any of the top affiliate marketing forums, you might just partner with any of the big brands having their affiliate programs.

Now that you understand what a forum is and what the responsibilities of each user are, it’s time to look at some samples and start researching the forum. Practice is the best teacher. Here, we’ve developed a list of the top 7 most relevant and, consequently, most relevant marketing forums for you. The internet world is a global community. As a result, you’ll find platforms in French, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian, besides English groups. 

Here is the list:

7 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

List of the Best 7 Affiliate Marketing Forums You Can Easily Join

Top affiliate marketing forums will teach you how top affiliate marketers use these platforms for self-promotion but cleverly. Engagement is required for any type of online company, and mastering the techniques of engagement is essential. All the affiliate marketing forums we’ve included here are rather busy, with thousands of users online. If you set up a certain time to post on a forum, you will be surprised by the incredible reaction you will receive. 


1. StackThatMoney (STM)

The STM forum, commonly known as Stack That Money, is a well-known and popular affiliate community for marketers. Since its debut in January 2011, the site has established itself as one of the leading forums for affiliate-related talks. Today, STM is expanding its operations by including education, conferences, and local networking events. There is also a section called “Aff Jobs” where affiliate marketing specialists may locate their next career opportunity.  STM offers some of the unique information on the internet, such as case studies, hangouts, and courses from great marketers. The topic maintains its position as one of the top affiliate forums by constantly expanding its community and material offerings.

Pricing: $99 per month

Language: English

Why STM is Famous: STM is the most comprehensive forum in the affiliate marketing business.


STM Pros:

– Reputed community.

– Single place to get legit online markets.

– Chance to meet with an expert network and form.

– There is an endless quantity of knowledge available.

– Take advantage of the mistakes of others.


STM Cons:

– It is not made for beginners.

– You can not learn the basics of affiliate marketing from it.

– Information not arranged in the step-by-step path.


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2. AffiliateFix

After signing up for AffiliateFix, you will see this affiliate marketing community, which is quite busy and interesting. The business area here can assist you in finding and communicating with new business partners. The most exciting element of this platform is that you don’t have to pay anything to join. Whatever information you get is completely free. The administrators and moderators are always glad to assist you and answer any of your questions. The disadvantages are minimal, and one of them is that AffiliateFix is rather large, and you would need to conduct a considerable study if you wanted an answer to your queries. Of course, it’s never a bad thing because you can learn a lot.

Pricing: Free

Language: English

Why AffiliateFix is Famous: It is best for beginners.


• AffiliateFix Pros:

– AffiliateFix can be the best forum, especially for affiliate marketers who are serious about reaching a high level of achievement in the industry. 

– Provides lots of tools and resources to learn, grow, and succeed.


• AffiliateFix Cons:

– It is free to join but encourages subscription fees to unlock more features.


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3. Afflift

Although this community is not free, the cost of joining Afflift is minimal when compared to other comparable affiliate forums. If you want to join Afflift, you must pay $20 every month. You’d be networking with prominent marketers like Emmanuel Cinca, Servando Silva, and others. Afflift was designed by PeerFly’s director, which means you can expect to see him in the forum regularly. He will provide some vital facts to you. Despite being a relatively new topic, Afflift has grown by leaps and bounds and established a solid name for itself. However, the number of users is still tiny, which means you can attract more attention and exposure to the forum. The forum is chock-full of new and trending topics. The forum’s administrators and moderators assist newcomers in learning the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and beyond.

Pricing: $20 per month

Language: English

Why Afflift is Famous: Best for Push Notifications, PPV (Pops and redirects), Landing pages, Campaign Optimization…


• Afflift Pros:

– For new affiliate marketers, it’s a decent buy.

– The administration team is highly responsive to members’ questions.

– Give you access to a variety of company discounts and special offers.


• Afflift Cons:

– Not a lot of activity, especially on weekends.

– A better classification of the data would have been beneficial.


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4. CPAClub

CPAClub is the greatest platform for affiliate marketers interested in CPA affiliate programs. CPAClub is a tight-knit group of skilled affiliates from Russia, and you may find it difficult to join the affiliate marketing forum. Before you may join, several factors such as your profile, income, and experience will be considered and properly examined. Once you become a member of our forum, you will have easy access to some useful information. Aside from that, you’ll be able to take advantage of some special deals and discounts on a variety of online services. The only disadvantage of CPAClub is the amount of difficulty that must be overcome to register. Additionally, you must be an active participant in the club’s file, or your account may be ended. However, there is no fee to join.

Pricing: Free

Language: Russian

Why Afflift is Famous: Diverse


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5. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum will teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing. Several topics have been discussed, and you can select the one that interests you. There are sample case studies available to assist you in becoming acquainted with how the sector operates. There are two main tools, War Room and The Warrior Ask Me Anything, that assist affiliates in participating in online sessions with pros to understand the details. You do not have to pay anything to join Warrior Forum.

Cost: Free

Language: English

Why Warrior Forum is Famous: It includes not just affiliate marketing but also online company methods and basic digital marketing.


• Warrior Forum Pros:

– Best For beginners

– Get great knowledge about Affiliate and digital marketing

– You can also sell your product


• Warrior Forum Cons:

– Too much complex info

– Low-quality content

– More no. of scammers


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6. iAmAffiliate

The iAmAffiliate community is a great place to get affiliate strategies and advice. There are several valuable articles, affiliate forums, and marketing tool evaluations. The website also features a feature called “follow along with campaigns,” which allows new affiliates to follow the campaigns of more senior marketers and observe how they put their tactics into action. This is especially appealing to novices who want more hands-on help in campaign execution. The campaigns provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from successful affiliates. Tutorials, case studies, and, of course, the forum are other important knowledge sources on the site. 

Cost: $49.95/month

Language: English

Why iAmAffiliate is Famous: Creating an excellent course or coaching is a full-time job. iAmAffiliate allows me to assist individuals at a much-reduced cost.


iAmAffiliate Pros:

– Direct advertising opportunities

– In-depth courses on SEO & paid advertising

– Valuable Professional Opinions.

– For each traffic source, there are advanced step-by-step tutorials for newcomers.


• iAmAffiliate Cons:

– Little bit expensive for beginners

– Still new network to the affiliate marketing world


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7. BlackHatWorld

Throughout many verticals, BlackHatWorld contains a lot of knowledge on how to make money using Black Hat tactics. You’d learn about SEO as an affiliate marketer as well. However, because this affiliate marketing community focuses mostly on BlackHat, you won’t find much useful information on other issues. Since affiliate networks seldom take part in this site, there are few commercial messages. When you sign up, there is no charge.

Cost: Free

Language: English

Why iAmAffiliate is Famous: For SEO, Adult content, Black hat, and know to the way how to make money with no (or low) investments.


• BlackHatWorld Pros:

– You can get some really solid SEO tips.

– Answering questions is a highly active part of the community.

– You have access to a large marketplace where you may order services for a fair price.


• BlackHatWorld Cons:

– Some approaches were provided questionably.

– The affiliate marketing industry is as competitive as it can use.


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When you join an affiliate marketing forum, go through the instructions and follow the standards. Try to take part in as many conversations as possible, since this will increase your brand recognition. Make an informed decision and begin taking part in debates. The correct affiliate marketing forums may make a major difference in your business.

You will not only need to meet new people and share ideas as an affiliate marketer, but you will also need to learn how to use tools and technology to increase your affiliate revenue. Here is a list of free tools that every Affiliate Marketer should have. Please have a look at it.

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