How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram: Best Tips to Make Money

Today, brands and influencers can collaborate professionally, Thanks to Social media platforms. But, Affiliate marketing on Instagram made it more easily.    


From 2018, Instagram growth increase up to 78%, whereas YouTube, Facebook, & Pinterest made 4%, 2%, & 1% growth only. 69% of marketers in the US like to spend their money on the influencers available on Instagram. And these all made Instagram No.1 social media platform.


How Does Affiliate Marketing for Instagram Work?

How does affiliate marketing for Instagram work


Influencers can earn a commission on each sale they refer to a brand’s website through affiliate marketing. To track accurately, the brand must be affiliated with an affiliate network or affiliate program. It gives benefits to both companies and influencers to collaborate to maximize sales.


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Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on Instagram


Brands that take part in an affiliate program with Instagram influencers may expect to get various benefits, including:


  1. Increased engagement

When Affiliate marketers want to promote their links on Instagram, they mostly add products with brand tags. They also comment on the other’s posts and create posts everyone likes to click on the post.

So, when your target audience browning the feed and checking your comments, Your brand is visible to them. They will be sent to the corresponding Instagram page if they click on the tag of sponsored posts. And if they copy and paste the URL to the product, the company will receive extra traffic and interaction on Instagram. 


  1. Increase revenue


A Term marketing is extremely powerful, especially for affiliate marketing. Because it is more strong and more likely to result in a sale, it can raise conversion rates by up to 4.5% (6). With this in mind, collaborating with an Instagram influencer is an excellent way of boosting a social media marketing budget.


Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on Instagram


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  1. Create relationships 


When an Instagram influencer collaborates with a business and increased sales and active users, both the influence and the brand are likely to want to do it again. So, sometimes it makes great relationships with influencers and affiliate brands.


How to Set Affiliate Programs for Instagram?


Once an affiliate clearly understands the advantages of Affiliate Marketing on Instagram, they can begin setting up their affiliate program. For Instagram users who want to start a new affiliate program, here’s a step-by-step instruction. 


  • Set up Your Account

Creating a strong Instagram profile isn’t as simple as it sounds, whether the user is a brand, a social media influencer, or an affiliate marketer. The concept is straightforward: take a good image, upload it, apply a filter, and post. 


  • Choose a username

The first step is to pick a unique username so that when others tag the profile in their Instagram photos, they don’t have to look too hard to discover it. It’s better to avoid using unusual characters in your username since this might make it more difficult for people to discover you.


  • Put the best profile picture

Your profile picture shows your brand. So if you have an affiliate program, add your logo on the profile pic not put your photo. And if is not business, you can use any simple and effective image there. But make sure both the image and username show your affiliate brand.


  • Make a public account 

To sell any products online, make your account open. Not used for private. Everyone can easily access your account. 

If you make your private, it will slow down the speed of your follower’s counting, and you can directly see its effect on your selling.


  • Create an eye-catchy bio

Who are you? What is your brand about? How do people know what are you selling? 

Your bio tells everything. Instagram has limits of up to 150 characters. So, Make it more attractive, make it eye-catchy, and make it trustworthy. So, people directly like to interact with you.
In the Instagram bio, you can write all the useful details about your products and brand. Don’t forget to add your website link, and contact details and ‌share your store location.
Don’t ‌include keywords and hashtags in your bio, because it is not possible that you can find them.


  • Use captions and geo-tagging when posting

Regular posting will increase your brand awareness. The post with a quality photo, relevant information, detailed captions, and location targeting gives you more reach. This is vital for driving interaction to the articles and providing people with the information they are looking for.

If you are adding your location, your nearby people easily find and know about your business. The photographer may add the geo-tagging, where he/ she was taken the photograph. And affiliate marketing brand uses the geo-tags for showing their business location so people easily find them and trust them.


  • Use niche-relevant tags and hashtags

A brand is most popular for its niche. So, when you are posting something about your product, ‌use relevant tags for your niche. To select the correct tags for the post, companies must first research their target audience to see which hashtags they are using on their posts. 

For example, if you are working on the CPA or CPL only, then your post must apply to it. And the tags you should use in the post must include relevant tags like #cpa, #cpafullform #cpaformula, etc. Posting without the tags & hashtags can’t get you the reach that you want. 


  • Include a URL in the comments

To drive more traffic to your page or site, it is important to add the link somewhere. Instagram couldn’t allow placing links everywhere. So, to direct your users into your profile, add your URL into the comments where people at least see your brand website. If they like your product, they will go to your site from the URL and you can generate traffic.


  • Instagram Shopping

In September 2019, Instagram announced that 130 million accounts get benefits from relevant tapping tags. In addition with it, Instagram also said that they are also working on the shopping ads. And today, you could find lots of shopping ads on Instagram feeds. 

The new features were also added for Affiliate Marketing on Instagram i.e. you can set reminders to buy the products on their launch date. And it works for Instagram and compare with all the social media – Instagram is on the top-notch for shopping ads. 70% of users find the products on Instagram for shopping.


  • Brands should tag their products

When you tag items on Instagram, your followers can buy them. It allows you to put up to five products in a single image, and the pricing will be presented to your visitors.

When customers click on the product or affiliate link, they are taken to the product page, where they may make a purchase. It’s an excellent method of increasing sales.


  • Choose an Affiliate Network

Now next step is to choose an affiliate network and join it. Affiliate marketers may make use of a variety of services provided by major affiliate networks, including connecting with influencers, tracking technology, reporting tools, and payment processing technology.

An affiliate network, such as ADAttract, can assist people who are new to affiliate marketing, in determining which commission model is appropriate for their affiliate marketing sales, how they connect them with micro-influencers, and how they link with the potential consumers. The tracking technology is critical since it allows influencers to track clicks and sales.


  • Select Commission Rates

After joining Affiliate Networks, it’s time to discuss the commission rates. Talk about how much you will pay to influence for sale for use of a discount code that they used for the Instagram post.


Best Tips For How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Once you’ve got your Instagram affiliate account set up, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Use these 7 affiliate marketing tips to maximize your income potential through Instagram.


Best Tips For How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

1. Label affiliate products as a sponsored post

Given the increase in the number of Instagram users encouraged to promote products with their followers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) established strict guidelines for marketers to follow when disclosing their affiliation with an associated company. 

So, readers get the information they need when the review has a clear and conspicuous statement of your relationship. The reader may see both the review containing that disclosure and the link at the same time.


2. Create an in-app Instagram storefront

Instagram announced new affiliate features in June 2021, one of which is an in-app storefront, similar to the e-commerce brand’s Instagram Shops, but it is particularly for content creators.

They can showcase their products with affiliate links in their profile. The View Shop page displays recommended goods, which affiliates may tag in their Instagram content to increase purchases.

Still, some features are in testing. They are testing the popularity of different affiliate products. 

When the functionality becomes available to all creators, you’ll know which things should be prominently displayed in your affiliate storefront. 


3. Include affiliate links in your Instagram bio

All the Instagram users always complain about the things that they can add only one link in the bio sections. So, nowadays Instagram rolling about new features for links. Now you can add your links to your stories.

So, the affiliate marketers take direct advantage to put links and convert traffic to the affiliate links. A landing page link aggregator is a common solution. Affiliate marketers may use tools like Linktree or Tap Bio to create landing pages that incorporate several affiliate links.


4. Make a discount code story highlight

88% of US users research for a discount code for shopping. You can use this strategy. Your discount codes work well if you share them with your followers. And stories are the best option because Instagram has 500 million daily users. So, you can divert your audience toward your affiliate products.

Use this direct connecting opportunity by posting a discount code via Instagram Stories. Save your discount coupons to a Story highlight to take this money-making tactic a step further. This prevents promo codes from expiring after 24 hours. You’ll also monetize first-time visits to your profile by displaying discount vouchers for linked items.


5. List all the product records

Affiliate marketing works when your Instagram followers like, and trust your brand. Allow potential consumers to do so without having to leave their Instagram feed in search of answers by demonstrating how to use the product.

For example, Add Instagram stories for vlog-style videos, or include reels for short, TikTok-style videos. You can also use live streaming product tutorials. 

This is because original advice informs viewers about how much you enjoy the product or service you are considering marketing and how you use it in real life. If they like what they see, they will follow the link to learn more about the product.


6. Make use of hashtags to increase your reach 

To establish a steady supply of new Instagram followers, you must first build an affiliate marketing business that provides passive money. More eyes on your material reduce the danger of audience fatigue, which occurs when individuals become weary of watching the same information over and over.

To stand out in the market for affiliate marketing on Instagram for passive income, give a steady supply of new Instagram followers. Give more focus on your content because your users will be bored if you share repeated content. 

Hashtags allow you to reach a larger audience without extra effort. Instagram users may follow hashtags within the app, which means your material may surface in their feed even if they do not follow your account.

Start by conducting competition research to identify Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are often used by brands, bloggers, and publications to broaden their reach. For inspiration, look at the captions and initial comments on their Instagram posts.


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7. Analyse your affiliate performance

As we previously told how having an Instagram creator account provides you access to Instagram’s analytics function, Insights. Use this information to assess the performance of your affiliate marketing activities on the platform.

What you can analyze for Affiliate Marketing on Instagram?

  • Brand awareness: Use Post Insights to learn how visitors discover your material, whether it’s through the Explore page, their feed, or directly through your profile.
  • Profile activity: If you are redirected to your users toward a link aggregation tool, Analyze how many people click on the link in your bio.
  • Engagement rate: Consider the affiliate product on sale, the sort of material, and the structure. If tutorial-based Instagram Stories receive more interaction than ordinary grid posts, prioritize them in the future.


Corroborate Instagram data with data from your affiliate marketing dashboard. While it’s difficult to locate a platform that allows for detailed tracking, keep a lookout for the latest products, the Conversion rates for promoted affiliate items, Affiliate conversion rates skyrocket during instances of intense Instagram advertising, etc…



Hope all the points get satisfaction for how to start affiliate marketing on Instagram? Now, if you want to start your business, make your brand more popular on Instagram. Remember these key points:

  • Create a clear and working Instagram market strategy 
  • Make your Instagram profile stand out among the competition
  • Find influencers for your niche and make a good relationship with them
  • Keep in mind that algorithms are continuously changing, so plan ‌for an Instagram strategy that will work in the future.

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