Affiliate Marketing Scams: Be Aware of Marketing Frauds

Affiliate Marketing is a business where you can earn multi-billion dollars. Once you create the best strategy for your Affiliate Marketing business, you can even go on the sky !!! But, Please be aware of Affiliate Marketing Scams.


Yes, Affiliate Scams !!! 


There are two sides to everything… be it a coin, human, or marketing !!! 


Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your income. You can’t say no to it. It is an online business. So, You can see nos of Online Marketing Scams. It is the Dark side of Affiliate Marketing.


Despite the knowledge, somebody is victimized to an Affiliate marketing fraud every day.


In this post, we will explain to you what types of Marketing Fraud you have to face if you are in Affiliate Marketing Industry.


Different Types Affiliate Marketing Scams You Must Have To Know


Affiliate Marketing Scams


1. Invalid Traffic Bot


Invalid traffic bots are distributed into two categories:


1. General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) bot:- This is a less harmful bot. Its activities can be easily removed by the companies using it. For Example; Google. Google has its bots for crawling other website pages. It is not harmful to us. 


2. Sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) bot:- This is a harmful bot. It is challenging to evaluate and detect. And on your advertisements, they might generate many false traffics.


2. Fake Impression


Do you know What is CPM? 


It belongs to impressions. And when Affiliate Marketers run the campaign, for getting impressions – sometimes, they create a blank page to make a fraud with you. 


On this page, they used code that shows you the impression, But actually, it is fake impressions…


Somewhere on that page, they generate their impression with the redirection infinite loops. It is the type of Digital Marketing Scams.


This type of Internet Marketing Scams is unfortunately extremely difficult to detect, as it comes into the high-level anti-fraud technologies.


3. Provide “Get Rich Quick Schemes”


The “get rich quick scheme” is another frequent affiliate marketing scam that gains huge dollars without doing much.


Affiliate marketers may expect to earn between 5% and 30% with commission. But with “Get Rich Quick Schemes” affiliate marketers make millionaires overnight. And it is only by your money. 


They provide you great offers and also convince you to purchase them, so you can also make millionaires.


Once you agree and pay the amount, all the things you discuss with him are gone. You feel like what happens… You all the money has taken, and you got nothing.


If he provides your millionaires offers… Think once, is he/ she a millionaire? If he knows how to make it, why he doesn’t use it !!!! It is an Affiliate Marketing Scam.


4. Fake Product and Services


Marketers make money via the promotion of products or services created by other businesses through affiliate links. Sometimes, fraudsters manufacture and market false items and services under the name of a well-established company.


An excess of highly positive reviews is a strong indicator that a product is fake. Even the best services have some bad remarks, so be careful not to comment on any of them.


Marketers may believe that the offer is trustworthy – especially when fake applications can be quite widespread. Scammers often create complete product catalogs and write fake client reviews for each offer. Even using paid fake sponsors, they advertise their business.


If you are unsure whether a service or product is real, the first thing you should do is visit the brand’s official website. Else, Enter a search query such as “[product name] affiliate scam” into Google Search and see what results you get. If you can’t get any proper results, then you can consider it in fake products or services. 


5. Cookies Dropping


Cookie stuffing and cookie dropping are two phrases used to describe an affiliate marketing strategy in which the user gets one or more cookies from an unrelated website during a visit to a website without being notified.


When someone visits a blog via a link to a product in a webshop, an affiliate cookie may be set. Cookie stuffing occurs when two or more cookies are put together.


When someone visits a site and does not take any active action, still cookies can be placed; which is called cookie dropping.


But there is no longer a direct link between product and supplier, using this technique weakens the commission system. As a result, most affiliate networks do not allow this approach. Offering affiliate cookies through pop-ups on a service or product review page is another approach that hardly ever falls within the provider’s rules.


6. Domain Spoofing


Domain spoofing is a type of Online Marketing Scams, which is happened if someone used your company’s domain to get more traffic.


This can be accomplished by sending emails with fake domain names that seem the same, or by creating web pages with slightly changed characters but appear accurate like others. 


A spoof website or email would usually employ logos or other types of exact visual design to effectively replicate the styling and branding of a real organization or corporation. 


They repeatedly request us to submit financial or other sensitive information. And we send them on the assumption that they are being sent to the right place.


7. Join Paid Memberships / Programs


Another major affiliate marketing scam is requesting people to join a program or pay for membership.


The real truth is most of the legitimate affiliate programs are free to join and have no fees.


So, if someone told you to pay for a Membership, open your eyes. It’s only a scheme.


Don’t sign any paperwork or cheques. Don’t pay money. First confirmed that you’re working with legitimate businesses!


If you are serious about finding an affiliate marketing programmer, conduct extensive research to ensure that the people involved with the network are real and have had work with the clients.


8. Phony Marketing


This is a popular type of scam. It is the promotion of phony courses and training.


Everyone wants to have a competitive advantage in business, marketing, advertising, writing, telemarketing, and so on.


That is why these scammers build up courses that are often given by eBooks, DVDs, CDC, webinars, seminars, and even live demonstrations.


In Affiliate Marketing, you can get the following Affiliate Marketing Scams:


A. Spammy clicks


The fraudster uses spam clicks to generate more clicks on your ads, which is not coming from the real users. Users who haven’t even seen your ads are shown clicking on all of your ads.


This leads low conversion rate of your ads. This happens a lot with app ads. If a consumer clicks on an ad and downloads the app after a long time. The click was most likely a fake.


B. Click Injection


Click injection is an advanced type of click spamming. They set up an app that redirects to other installation links. It is possible to identify when additional apps are downloaded on the device in this manner.


In this manner, the scammer can start clicking before the installation is complete and get credit for the installation.


C. Traffic Spoofing


Traffic spoofing is also known as software development kit spoofing or replay attacks. The fraudster produces fake installations using actual device data. This type of affiliate marketing fraud not only harms the publisher but also harms the client by fraud traffic.


D. Click From Fake Device ID’s


When the same device ID clicks on the ad multiple times, it is marked as fake. To implement this, scammers generate fake device IDs. They create a fictional device ID from a random string of alphanumeric codes. They generate a few false clicks per ID to avoid identification. This has a significant effect on CTR. Frequency counters can detect fake clicks.

Affiliate Marketing Scams: Final Thoughts


Hopefully, you will understand all the affiliate marketing scams… and never experience this kind of situation in the future. But the question is how to avoid affiliate marketing scams?


Nothing, just go slow. Do market research before trust on others. Don’t be tempted by any plan.

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