AFFILIATE WORLD ASIA 2016 – Date, Location, Highlights

Affiliate World Asia Conference is one of the best conferences to gain knowledge about affiliate marketing. It is a place where you can learn affiliate marketing from the top-rated leaders of the industry and network. You can get the best ideas and knowledge about creating your strategy to become a successful affiliate marketer.


It is a place where thousands of affiliate marketers meet each other. At the event, you’ll discover over 120 market exhibitors, 2000+ participants, and many networking opportunities.


Affiliate World Asia 2016


Affiliate World Asia 2016


This year, Affiliate World Asia 2016 (AWA 2016) was organized in December in Bangkok, Thailand. All the marketers were looking eager to meet each other for the business partnership. 


At Affiliate World Asia 2016, the adventure of mobile marketing rocked the arena of the Business Conference. Over 1500 affiliates and experts from 60 countries attended this event.


This conference was primarily focused on new business prospects, insights into affiliate marketing, and the varied patterns of the large campaigns. As an affiliate marketer, you must attend such events.


Date and Time Start: 


Start Time:- December 5, 2016 – 12:00 AM 

End Time:- December 6, 2016 – 11:59 AM




Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.


ADAttract Reviews For AFFILIATE WORLD ASIA 2016


It was great to see many affiliate marketers and other entrepreneurs attending to learn affiliate marketing and share their skills. Some speakers were so knowledgeable that they made the event hit !!!


About Neil Patel Presentation:


Neil Patel Presentation at Affiliate World Conference 2016


Neil Patel is the co-founder of Ubersuggest, NP Digital, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar. His speech was the main highlight of the event. His presentation was full of surprise. Statistically, he explains his point of view, which is based on his personal experience and observation. After reading his blog, we get a great deal of knowledge about content marketing. 


At conferences like Affiliate World Asia, you can get knowledge and have time to meet people like Neil Patel.


He called this the conference the “MUST ATTEND global conference.”


About Drew Eric Whitman:


Drew Eric Whitman is an expert in sales motivators. He explains the reasons to people about you should purchase the products or not.


Expect two fast-paced days packed with insights and innovation that Drew Eric Whitman has called “the equivalence of decades of experience by the biggest names in the industry, all handed to you on a silver platter.”


More Highlighted Points:


Overall, there were many new companies in Affiliate World Asia 2016 for mobile marketing, where 300+ companies were available for business. Also, 1000+ visitors who had great knowledge of marketing were available.


Team ADAttract at Affiliate World Asia 2016


There was one well-known person and very passionate blogger Jitendra Vaswani. He was also promoting his newly written book “Inside A Hustler’s Brain” from which you can get some good tips related to online business and online promotions.


There we get in a good business partnership with many new and some old companies overall the Business Conference at Affiliate World Asia was superb and Overall it was a very good experience to connect there with different and new companies who have the hunger of business and had a great meeting there to everyone it was a very nice and good business trip thanks to all for support.


Affiliate World Conferences in the future: Why should you attend them?


We typically operate alone or with a remote team. In online marketing, you have the option to work from anywhere. Your relationship with corporations and other prospective clients is strengthened via offline meetings.


In addition, we will gain important skills in affiliate marketing from industry professionals. You get all the answers to all the questions asked during the conference and you can clear your doubts.


Team ADAttract


During such conferences, you’ll be able to make connections with same like professionals. If you are an affiliate marketer, advertiser, or content publisher/blogger, you must attend these conferences.

So, take your business cards and pack your bags and join us for Affiliate World Asia next time !!!

Don’t forget to meet up with ADAttract Team.

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