All About TikTok Discovery Tools

Today, we lived in a world of applications. These apps are helping you to stay connected with friends, family, and coworkers. Around 3M apps are available in the Google Play Store and 2.22M apps are available in the Apple App Store. Research suggested that Facebook and Instagram are the 2 Most popular social applications. According to a recent prediction, TikTok is the world’s third-largest social network, after only Facebook and Instagram


TikTok is expected to reach 755 million monthly users by 2022, following 59.8% growth from 2020 to 40.8% growth from 2021. Because of this, TikTok’s overall share is also increasing upwards. According to Insider Intelligence, TikTok will achieve a 20% market share for the first time and will hit a quarter share by 2024. So, TikTok has made attention as the app’s popularity rises.


Nowadays, TikTok is keeping headlines because of its TikTok Discovery Tools. This new tool is in the trend. TikTok has made it more popular because of its Hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt of “For You Page”.


Who is TikTok’s audience? Although TikTok is usually considered as an app for Younger consumers, still it attracts a wide spectrum of users. Here are some statistics about users in the United States:

• 37.2% are between the ages of 10 to 19.

• 26.3% are between the ages of 20 to 29.

• 16.7% are between the ages of 30 to 39.


This popular practice involves TikTokers showcasing things they’ve seen in other TikTok videos or sharing products they adore, causing viewers to want to buy them. So, TikTok developed the consumer discovery tool to reach a wide audience.


How are consumers discovering products on TikTok? 

How are consumers discovering products on TikTok


On the app, TikTok makes use of popular hashtags, trends, sounds, and music to support content creation. The algorithm will then promote their videos onto other people’s “FYP” (For You Page) based on how relevant they are to the other user’s interests. Consumers use the app to find items in the following ways:


• For You Page (FYP)

It is an interest-based page. The content you see on this page is based on what you are searching for in the application. Every time users want new content on the app, they constantly refresh the page. As per your search interest (like skincare, food, and fitness), the TikTok algorithm makes a priority for you and gives you results on the FYP page.


• TikTok Algorithm

How does TikTok’s algorithm work? The algorithm supports local content above information from celebrities or macro-influencers. So, it provides all the information to users from next door to anything that happens in a different country. All of this data depends on your selections.

Because the algorithm encourages not only content discovery to those who have already gathered significant followings, so, marketers get benefits because consumers receive proposals from honest and real people regardless of their following.


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• Trending Hashtags 

Hashtags are important for highlighting trends in which both users and marketers are engaged in the application. Hashtags not only promote trends but popular music and noise that people are using when composing movies are also made an impact.


• Influencer Recommendations

TikTok influencers have a history of utilizing their platform to promote things they like. They encourage their followers to buy them. It becomes a simple and pro tool for people to make their own buying decisions when they follow Influencer who offer their suggestions. It is like your friend which gives you tips on what to use and why people love this product.


• Brand Content

Having a strong presence in TikTok may help people spread the word about your company and increase brand awareness. Brands that use trending and engaging content, music, and hashtags gain more popularity. 


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All About TikTok Discovery Tools 

TikTok Discovery Tools

TikTok has introduced several new tools to help advertisers better collaborate with creators and create more interesting ads. At the TikTok World event, TikTok announced a variety of new solutions to empower marketers to interact and create with the TikTok community, as well as help brands and creators establish better partnerships with TikTok Discovery Tools for advertisement.


1. TikTok Creator Marketplace Ads

Non-native promotional content is twice as successful as creator videos. The self-serve station Locating the proper creators to work with, managing partnerships, receiving thorough data insights, and promoting branded content with targeted advertisements are all easier with TikTok Creator Marketplace ADs.


The TikTok discovery tools connect companies with a variety of creators for any campaign, brand voice, or budget. Depending on the type of content, it allows marketers to choose a location, average views, and other factors. It also makes it easy to supervise the creative process of the creator running the campaign, as well as allowing marketers to track results in real-time.


It also allows brands to manage their campaign according to their strategies (From the planning stage to the execution stage) and Analyze the result based on post-campaign data. This function decentralized the selection process and allows creators greater opportunities to interact with companies proactively.


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TikTok Creator Marketplace Partners

TikTok badged a few trustworthy partners following introducing the TikTok Creator Marketing API based on their expertise in creator marketing and their ability to provide companies with extra tools and white-glove services. In the last meetup, TikTok announced some additional marketplace partners like Captiv8, Influential, and Whalar.


Branded Content Toggle

Creators may now label films as sponsored content using this new in-app transparency tool. TikTok will also bring new services in the coming months, such as the opportunity for marketers to track campaign results.


TikTok Creative Exchange

This self-service platform connects consumers with approved creative service providers who can help to create high-performing commercials. It also improves procedures for creating effective advertisements, such as project management, feedback, approvals, and insights.

The Creative Exchange platform is a one-stop shop that controls each step of the creative process via a standardized workflow, allowing for quick, scalable creation and the delivery of massive volumes of new creative material.


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2. Spark Ads

TikTok released Spark Ads in July, a platform that allows advertisers to increase organic content in a user’s stream. According to TikTok’s 2021 Internal Product Data, the tool generates over three times the number of likes and has a view-through rate that is 240% more than other ads.


3. In-feed Ads

These are self-service advertising that you may make using the TikTok Ad Manager interface.


4. Image Ads

It features a graphic, brand or app name, and ad text and is only available in TikTok’s News Feed applications (BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, and Babe).


5. Video Ads

TikTok and the TikTok family of news apps – both provide video ad options. They appear in the user’s For You stream as 5-60 second full-screen videos. Each ad has a video, an ad display image, the name of the brand or app, and ad text.


6. Pangle Ads

Pangle is the go-to destination for app developers and publishers who is looking to monetize their apps, attract customers, and push the limits of their creativity. It began as the largest mobile advertising platform in Asia, enabling global app developers to optimize their revenues through unique TikTok For Business ad demand, and advertisers to reach out to a vast audience engaged in a premium mobile app network.

Pangle enables advertisers to reach a larger audience by providing many high-quality applications. With innovative and engaging video advertisements, advertisers can reach more applications and users. Pangle uses innovative technology to enable different optimization models to improve campaign success.


7. Carousel Ads

These ads, which are only available in TikTok’s News Feed applications, have up to 10 photos with distinct captains in each ad.


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How to set up a TikTok ad campaign?

To set up a TikTok ad campaign simply go to TikTok Ad Manager. You must first register a TikTok Ad Manager account if you do not already have one and follow these steps:

1. Choose your objective from Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, Conversions.

2. Give your campaign a name (up to 512 characters) & set a budget.

3. Name your ad group (from one to 999 ad groups) and select placements (In-feed, News Feed App placement, Pangle, Automatic, etc.)

4. Target your audience based on Gender, Age, Location, Language, Interests, Behaviors, and Device details.

5. Set your ad group budget.

6. Set your bidding strategy from Bid Cap, Cost Cap, Lowest Cost options, and optimization it.

7. Create your ad/ ads and Publish them.


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TikTok Discovery Tools: Final Thoughts 

Some unusual marketers are striking up surprising connections with TikTok’s young, creative audience. And they’re accomplishing this by combining sponsored TikTok commercials with a continual supply of organic content.

In the recent world, Other companies may learn from TikTok’s success. Now you can also think for startups. Research what want to see in the app & Come up with new ideas/ content. Stay calm, make strategies for success. Only when people like your content and see their interest in your brand will you stick to the market. So, Make every second count And Make Your Day With TikTok Discovery Tool.


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