Best Affiliate Networks to Earn Money

Want to make a passive income from your blog !!! If yes, you might join an affiliate network. Here is the comprehensive guide to select the best affiliate network for your platform, explaining what an affiliate network is, why you should consider joining one, and a list of the best affiliate networks on the market.


What is an Affiliate Network?

A publisher, such as a blogger or an influencer, joins a network to promote their company’s products or services to earn money. And these networks include tools, training, and other resources to promote your development as an affiliate marketer. Amazon Associate is one of the well-known examples of an affiliate network where publishers and influencers promote thousands of products and earn a commission.


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What is the Process of Affiliate Networks?

Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between affiliate programs and their customers. Publishers or site owners join up, select the products or services they want to promote, and receive promotional links that measure how many people buy from their website. They are then given a minimal commission (typically approximately 3-5%) on each sale.


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What Are the Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Network?

Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Network

What affiliate networks give you !!! Nothing. Yes, They are just intermediaries. They will connect your product with thousands of brands. So, this is considered the simplest method to monetize a site or generate passive revenue. Here are a few more advantages of being a member of an affiliate network.

• Find the best niche which makes more revenue for you.

• The platform handles everything, no need to worry about the payment.

• They join your product with the biggest network so you can sell more products on that website and get a better commission.

• You’ll get access to analytics and reporting tools that will help you keep track of your progress.


When choosing the top affiliate networks, there are a few more factors to consider:

Let’s look at some of the top affiliate marketing networks now that you know what to search for – and what to avoid.

1. Commission rates

2. Product/service selection

3. Approval requirements

4. Extra charges

5. Cookies Duration

6. Tracking links/ software


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5 Best Affiliate Networks To Earn Money

5 Best Affiliate Networks to Earn Money


1. ShareASale

ShareASale is a Chicago-based affiliate network. It is from around the year 2000. As a member of ShareASale affiliate, you can connect with 4000+ programs and you may earn commissions on a variety of items.  

This is one of the biggest names in affiliate marketing, and they have some of the best commission rates around all. The UI can be a little difficult to navigate, so we recommend taking advantage of the training they provide.

ShareASale provides commission around between 5% and 20%. A ShareASale is ideal for new publishers who want to promote real stuff such as accessories, apparel, art, computers, automobiles, and online dating services.


ShareASale Pros and Cons


For many years, it has been the most reliable affiliate network.

Thousands of physical and digital product retailers, including several well-known businesses available.

They’ve been around for a long time and work with a variety of well-known businesses.

Trusted Network

It has a context menu that makes creating personalized affiliate links simple. 


Though it’s grown a lot better, the dashboard interface is still a touch confusing.


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2. Amazon Associates

Which is the most famous Affiliate network? Yes, it is Amazon Associates. It is, without a doubt, the most well-known affiliate network. Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce store, offers millions of things ranging from baby items to home furnishings, beauty, and much more. It takes only a few minutes to get started with the platform. Plus, you may get paid for any product your readers buy in the following 24 hours.

Amazon Associates is a little bit sticky in its rules, and its commission rates are lower than other platforms (Around 5%). There are lots of products like school accessories, books, cooking, fashion, etc available on Amazon for affiliates. The commission rate varies by product type.


Amazon Associates Pros and Cons


The biggest network in the E-Commerce field.

There are several products to choose from.

You’ll gain credit for everything customers buy during the cookie duration.


The universal cookie has a 24-hour lifespan.

You can get only a 1% commission for some categories.

At any time, Amazon reduces its commission rate.


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3. Awin

Awin is one of the largest affiliate networks, so you can not ignore it. In 2019, Awin alone generated over 150 million sales and currently, it works with 15,000+ advertisers. It’s also worth mentioning that they control multiple other affiliate networks, like ShareASale, StubHub, Hyatt, AliExpress, and UnderArmour, which have their own websites.

Although they are reliable, they take a $5 application fee. It is a deposited amount because if you accept it, it is credited to your account. It can, however, be a little off-putting. You must also apply to each program separately, which can be time-consuming.

The commission rate varies by the merchant. But on average – it remains around 5%. If you are a beginner, Awin is the best choice for your business promotion. It includes a wide range of products like travel, fashion, technology, banking, insurance, and e-commerce. 


Awin Pros and Cons


Most useable affiliate network

Implement with WordPress plugin

Up to $20 payout


There is a $5 registration charge. (Note: It is refundable once you approve. But you will lose money if you are not accepted.)


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4. MaxBounty

MaxBounty can choose the verticals in which they advertise items based on their expertise. The CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI pricing models allow them to be rewarded for their efforts. Affiliates can also use MaxBounty to advertise the products of their clients. MaxBounty provides businesses with access to a worldwide network of marketing channels to help them grow sales, leads, sign-ups, app installations, and any other activity in which they feel is important to their brand’s evolution.

One advantage for affiliates is a rapid payout period, with MaxBounty giving weekly payments. They can run over 2000 campaigns. They also provide additional profits to the best affiliates through a variety of performance-based rewards.


MaxBounty Pros and Cons


The interface is well-designed.

Huge commission of $50/50% for each sale or lead.

There are several CPS offers available from well-known brands.

Their search feature is fantastic.

There are many CPA options to choose from.

Promotions from MaxBounty make a lovely touch.


Account approval takes time.

No helpdesk support system

There is no possibility for making deep links.

The most time-consuming sign-up procedure


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5. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction, is one of the world’s largest and oldest affiliate marketing networks. Each year, they connect companies with over 14 billion readers and assist affiliate marketers in earning over $1.8 billion.

They’re kind of a big network in the affiliate marketing field, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Thousands of companies collaborate with CJ Affiliate, including well-known names like Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, Priceline, and Overstock.

Overall, their approval procedure is quick, and there are no application costs. Earnings per click are used to rate each product (EPC). There are no fixed commission rates. It varies from merchant to merchant. It is best for Retail, software, travel, and finance products, but you must have required Mid-level experience.


CJ Pros and Cons


Large no of big and small merchants to choose from.

A useful back-end dashboard for managing your affiliate marketing operations.

Deep-link generator bookmarklet available that makes it easy to generate links.


The dashboard is complex in useability.


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Which Affiliate Network should you work with?

You can choose as per your need. There are lots of other networks that are also available in the market. You can pick up anyone. Instead of sticking to one network, join as many as possible to get the greatest advertisements and payments. The only reason to keep the number of platforms you use to a minimum is its convenience and minimum payouts. 

Pick some of the top affiliate marketing networks to assist you in managing and promoting those merchants once you’ve signed up for various affiliate systems. ADAttract is the best performance marketing agency that helps to choose the best Affiliate Networks to earn money.


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