Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms (Free & Paid) || Top Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to increase your revenue, including promoting your company or products online. Conversion is a key factor for affiliate marketing. If you want users to buy from your link, you must link your activity to users. If you will work hard to improve your affiliate marketing methods, you can make money fast. While managing your affiliate software with your daily tasks might be a difficult choice, you must check their progress and study the information to protect your revenue from dropping. Fortunately, Affiliate tracking software systems allow you to do these things.


Businesses in the United States spent $4.7 billion on affiliate marketing in 2016. Interestingly, affiliate marketing spending in the United States is reached $6.8 billion by 2020. Because 81% of companies use affiliate marketing to gain customers, it’s reasonable to predict that affiliate marketing isn’t going away soon! We’ve compiled a list of some of the top affiliate marketing tracking software solutions available in the market. So, Let’s check the best tracking platform that affiliate marketers can use.


8 Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms

Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms (Free & Paid) || Top Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketer


1. Voluum

Voluum is the best affiliate marketing software for all your marketing needs, allowing you to track a wide variety of ads as well as all sources of traffic. Here, you can advertise campaigns that can be tracked, data analyzed for actionable insights, performance-optimized, and your affiliate marketing company measured in one place! With an easy-to-use design including many interesting capabilities, Volume is one of the greatest tracking tools on our list.

Benefits of Voluum:

– You can Track Ad campaigns.

– It can easily analyze all the data.

– You can smoothly optimize Ads Performance.

– The best thing is you can smartly grow your scale in Affiliate Marketing.


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2. RedTrack is a cloud-based ad monitoring and conversion affiliate tracking software tool that helps marketers turn data from their media buying into actions. RedTrack is a performance-driven platform that caters to the basic and advanced demands of affiliates, media buyers, digital agencies, and advertising agencies. It provides impression, click, and conversion monitoring, as well as built-in bot detection, ad campaign auto-optimization, 3rd party cookieless tracking, and data attribution.

Benefits of RedTrack:

– You can get benefits from landing page pixels.

– It uses different filters, and conversion caps to monitor performance.

– It is a SaaS-based platform.

– Generate multidimensional reports and dashboards.

– It offers AI-based SmartLinks optimization.


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3. Affise

Marketing professionals, agencies, and advertisers that manage CPA networks can benefit from Affise performance marketing software. This platform simplifies processes and operations in lowering expenses. Some state that it has assisted businesses in saving up to 90% of their costs. This is because Affise centralizes and automates workflows, removing the need for many platforms and programs. From the creative phase through conversions, and from publishers to payments, Affise assists professionals in automating procedures. The technology can identify effective traffic sources and allow you to only pay for genuine conversions. There are also advanced features available for individuals who intend to employ complicated CPA approaches. Unique smart links, caps, bidding, and affiliate software management systems are just a few examples.

Benefits of Affise:

– It comes with a user-friendly interface.

– It doesn’t charge for different traffic sources

– There are flexible options for setting costs, caps, and another targeting


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CAKE is another affiliate marketing software that allows you to track, manage, and optimize your partner programs for maximum results. It provides precise estimation, data security, and excellent customer service for over 500 advertisers, networks, and publishers in over 50 countries. Only a glance at the dashboard, reveal your network’s overall performance and allows you to manage contacts using precise data points for accurate attribution. CAKE uses specific targeting characteristics such as location, device, browser, traffic caps, and redirects for real-time monetization of traffic besides delivering real-time statistics.

Benefits of CAKE:

– It is Real-time metrics performance 

– It is the best for fraud protection

– You can benefit from pixel management.


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5. LinkTrust

Whether you’re advertising, ad network, or a marketing agency, LinkTrust has been in the affiliate marketing tracking industry since 2002, promising to be the “most precise affiliate tracking software platform.” LinkTrust lets you track almost every sort of online and offline advertising, including pixels, cookies, CPA, CPC, mobile traffic, and more. Advertisers, ad networks, retailers, and marketing agencies may use LinkTrust to manage, track, and attribute performance marketing campaigns more precisely and simply. 

Benefits of LinkTrust:

– It is a Remote Traffic Agent Platform

– AutoPay Payment Automation

– Easily Do Mobile Tracking


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6. HitPath

HitPath is a multichannel tracking technology that helps businesses correctly attribute and analyze consumer engagements across all touchpoints of their marketing initiatives. Affiliate software, advertisers, and agencies can use HitPath, with each dashboard tailored to the needs of the individual user and reporting appropriately. HitPath is a complete affiliate marketing monitoring software platform with features such as affiliate management, communication tools, accounting tools, campaign administration, and more.

Benefits of HitPath: 

– Track Real-time campaign. 

– It is the best Accounting module.

– Easy for Pixel management system.


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7. Tune

Tune is a SaaS platform for managing marketing relationships across mobile and web that was previously known as HasOffers. It provides all the functionality you need to execute a successful affiliate marketing campaign with over 12,000 customers, including GetApp, Baidu, and AppLift. Payout rules that are simple to apply, proactive fraud detection, and marketing performance automation technologies all help simplify workflows and eliminate manual duties. Overall, It serves as a hub for all of your marketing activities, bringing together all of your marketing partners, networks, platforms, and campaigns in one location.

Benefits of Tune:

– Offers Cookieless postback tracking

– Easy to share API Data

– Quick event logging


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8. OSI Affiliate

It’s a strong and capable affiliate tracking software system! One of the most important key aspects of this software is that it makes it simple to identify and attract affiliates and influencers to promote your company. OSI Affiliate provides a variety of professionally designed landing page templates for your referral program. You may also provide coupon codes to your consumers to boost sales. If you want to know who your most satisfied customers are, Osi Affiliate provides a survey tool’ that asks consumers if they are likely to recommend your product to their friends and family. You may automatically register them in your referral program based on their responses!

Benefits of OSI Affiliate:

– Directory of Influencers

– Integrated marketing tools

– Plugin for social sharing


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Top affiliate programs on this list contribute something unique to the chart. An excellent approach to go about it is to give each one a week to check whether it meets your requirements precisely. Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable strategy to increase product sales or generate cash, and a strong affiliate tracking software will assist you in doing so more successfully!



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