Best traffic source for Affiliate Marketing [free + paid]

We hope you understand – what is affiliate marketing? You take more interest in the affiliate journey. So, now we show you are searching for the best traffic source for Affiliate Marketing. 


It is important because every marketer learns paid marketing but looking for a free traffic source.


We’re going to tell you which traffic sources are the most effective to optimize your earnings in this competition, so be prepared for endless information.


So, get ready and excited 🤩🤩. Every point will give you a surprise…😲😲😲


What is Traffic Source?


The definition varies as per your position as you are a Webmaster or a Media Buyer. 


If you’re a webmaster, the traffic source is defined as the platform where users found your website. Pages and sessions of your session have an original id that can be traced by different search engines.


If you’re a Media Buyer, the traffic source is defined as a place or platform where you can purchase traffic.


For understanding what is traffic sources and which traffic sources are best and give more profits, take basic knowledge about SEO, SMO, SEM, and overall monetization strategy.


Types Of Best Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing


Types Of Best Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing


In Affiliate Marketing, traffic sources are differentiated into two main categories:


1. Paid Traffic

2. Free Traffic


The major difference between paid and free traffic is that you are pushing to someone else on your website or promoted page with paid traffic.


Paid traffic works instantly. Free traffic takes time to work.


In paid traffic, there is no period for waiting. You can get direct traffic on your website. For example, when you see sponsors or featured posts, it is considered a paid traffic.

In free traffic, wait more time to get traffic. You must know different search engine and SEO techniques. If you see some links in the website’s content, it generates traffic, and it is called free traffic. 


Best Paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing


Best Paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing


1. Mobile Traffic


In 2019, US adults spent an average of 3:43 hr a day on mobile devices.


So, if you buy mobile traffic, you will become a king in the affiliate marketing industry.


And as now you want to buy mobile traffic, don’t go anywhere !!!


ADAttract – The best performance marketing company is like to work with you. 


Mobile Traffic Source is the Most trading marketing strategy in recent time.


It is the fastest method to grow your traffic. 


Even, Google has made nearly 50 billion dollars from mobile in 2017. 


How to use Mobile for traffic sources?


You can choose different mobile advertising options for traffic sources that include:


– Pop-under ads

– Redirects

– Banner / Display ads

– Push Notifications


Make sure all the ads are displayed correctly on all the different smartphones. Because on mobile, optimize all the aspects for all the operating systems and mobile versions.


However, the mobile world is a wonderland that allows you to experiment with lower rate ads with tremendous income potential.


2. Push Notification


In recent years, advertisers have become more interested in push notifications, a new form of advertising format.


As a way for mobile users to receive quick email notifications on their devices, push notifications have grown into a strong ad type that – marketers can’t afford to miss.


Push Notification increases your CTR with rates that will reach up to 30% for some vertices.


So, if you buy push traffic sources in CPC or CPM pricing models, you’ll notice tremendous returns.


With Push Notification, you can increase your subscriber lists up to 20% more.


Also, push traffic gets you real users that mostly visit your website. It also gives you quality traffic, which helps you to develop free traffic in the future.


Plus, its eye-catching looks attract more users. You can customize this ad with titles, descriptions, logos, images, and emojis, whatever looks great.


How to make money with push traffic sources?


Push advertisements have the advantage of being easy to set up and gain if you know where to put them.


Push notifications may indeed be used across a wide range of industries, but they are most effective in sweepstakes and discounts & vouchers as well as mobile content, Nutra, and finance.


So, create engaging ad copy and test on multiple platforms, choose your GEO’s and pick the winning campaigns.


You can convert visitors into regular users. It only takes 5 minutes to launch and getting lifetime values for positive ROI.


3. Search Ads Traffic


Google controls over 65% of search traffic, which shows that Google also offers you more chances to monetize the traffic in search results.


So, you think what is search traffic?


Whatever you search on search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and find the results from different resources comes under the search traffic.


There are mainly 2 types of search traffic:


1. Organic Traffic

2. Paid Ads or PPC


Organic Traffic comes from search engine results at no cost.


Paid Ads are done with Google AdWords. When your business requires an advertising service, you can use Google AdWords by using a particular payment in your Google Account. 


Organic traffic is the best traffic source. If you get organic traffic, the traffic on your website increases up to 7 times. 


Paid Ads sometimes fail because people around the world know very well that it coming through PPC, but the actual result they get from the website that ranks organically.


On AdWords, CPC depends on the keywords search volume and your website authority. 


But Yes, you always get your result quickly by Google AdWords. 


And if you are planning for a long time business, go for organically ranked for your chosen keyword. 


It makes you famous and gets a profitable traffic source.


Other types of paid traffic sources: Bing, Baidu, Gigablast, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.


You can also promote on this platform.


4. Social Media


The latest figures show that there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021, which is over 5% of the previous year.


social media users worldwide in 2021

Image Source: Oberlo


Facebook is the leading source of traffic because over 2.7 billion monthly active users (MAUs) are available on it. Behind it, Instagram has 1.2 billion MAUs. 


Other popular social media platforms include Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, MeWe, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Telegram, Meetup, etc.


These all show you that Social media ads are exceptional ways for you to monetize.


Targeting is the main function of social media ads.


You can filter/ target all the things based on interests, location, demographics, age, etc. Even you can generate huge data of your ads.


Interesting !!!


Yes, billions of people active on social media give you great reach and earning.


5. Native Ads


According to Business Insider, 74% of all ad income will come from Native Ads by the year 2021.


Native advertising is ads that match the appearance and feel of the exact context in which you’ve presented, such as on a mobile app.


It is proved that these traffic sources are worth affiliate marketing…


Native advertisements get a far greater retention rate than banners for publishers.


How much?


It’s 3 times more.


Native advertisements increase engagement rate up to 60% for advertisers.


Be sure to arrange everything in the right order, especially Banners, pre-landers, and offers.


6. PPV Traffic


PPV Stands for Pay-Per-View traffic, in which you have to pay the advertiser for every single time your ad or website is shown to a user.


It is also known as a Cost Per View. 


As soon as users arrive at the site, they’re greeted by an irritating yet profitable ad. It is because of advertising bids on a certain site.


It is also possible because you have also shown interest in that area.


Let’s understand with an example:


You downloaded a game and before going on the home page; it shows some pop-up. These views put money into the advertiser’s pocket. 


It is coming from the game??


No !!!


Then, How?


It is from advertisers that pay money to app account to show their ads to users. 


It is coming in 3 types: Display, Pops, and InText.


Advantages of PPV:


– Cheaper targeting

– Directly target your specific URL

– Even with a simple landing page UI, you can explain everything your users

– Fewer restrictions 

– No complex rules


Dis-advantages of PPV:


– More competitive

– Traffic is not up to par- The minimum deposit required is huge


Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing


Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing


If you’re just starting and attempting to make money online, you’re looking for free traffic sources for affiliate marketing.




Then Which is the strategy to find the Best Free Traffic Sources?


Let’s see…


1. Blogs


As writing blogs takes time and money, it is worth it for a startup. 


You will attract a lot of free traffic to it. 


Yes, free blogs may be created on sites such as Blogger and


But for beginners, there are some limitations like you can’t monetize your blog with ads, don’t get a customized domain name, etc.


How much do you earn with blogs?


It depends on the quality of writing. If your blogs will get a good ranking, you can easily earn good dollars. 


If you are in affiliate marketing, then it is great. You are more capable to earn with it.


Write in Google guidelines. Don’t use black hat techniques.


2. SEO


One of the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing is SEO.


SEO can even be done for YouTube videos (more on that below), but it is most effective when done for a website.


There are multiple methods for marketing affiliate products using free search engine traffic.


Here are some popular approaches:


– Make a blog on a popular product

– Write product and service reviews for affiliate items and services

– Make product comparisons (preferably all products have affiliate links)

– Create a specialized website you can use to market items and place advertisements on


3. Email Marketing


Email marketing is a terrific source of free traffic for affiliate marketing offers.


Once you start for your niche, you will surprise by the results. In the beginning, you can’t get big conversations.


But with stable growth in the list and amount of people that you can just email, your website will get more nos. Of free traffic.


Most email marketing providers will offer a free plan up to 500 or 1000 subscribers, and by the time you get there, you should be able to pay for the service.


4. Social Media


Social Media !!! We see above.


But it is for its paid version.


It is also used freely by creating images, write thoughts, share your experience, ask questions, create polls, put videos, etc.


You could go to Quora, create a profile, and start answering questions and sprinkle your affiliate website’s URL.


Some bright marketers are using Reddit to advertise their websites for free and generate a lot of money through affiliate sales and display ads.


Pinterest is a massive social network that can generate free traffic for affiliate marketing websites and goods.


Paid Traffic Vs Free Traffic: Which is the best traffic source for affiliate marketing?


Paid Traffic Vs Free Traffic


If you’re a content creator and your product fits in a difficult and interesting area that you’re knowledgeable about, you may opt for free traffic while enjoying the process of steadily developing a brand or business.


Paid traffic is the ideal option if you want to take action and see results as soon as possible.


So, check your business requirements and make the best decision.


Final Thoughts: Best traffic source for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a difficult industry to handle. Choose the correct approach to the target audience and discover its problems so that you can then provide the right solution, which will undoubtedly make it easy for you.


Choosing the best traffic source for affiliate marketing may also have a big impact, so keep that in mind. Sites, social media platforms… There are several methods for running campaigns on a limited budget.

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