Essential Steps in Media Buying Process to Get More Reach

Simply advertising does not ensure a profitable brand at present. Competition and customers are more. That’s why ads have to be strategically placed at the right time, in front of the right audience. This is where the concept “Media Buying” enters into marketing. In this blog, we are looking at – Essential Steps in Media Buying Process to Get More Reach.


Customers today, on average, spend 3 hours a day and 27 minutes online. Because of the millions of choices available on the Internet, however, they appear to have little interest when viewing individual advertisements or material online.


When you are looking for customers for your business, you should include media planning and buying process. This process can help you reach your target audience and influence them through different platforms. Let’s see how does this process works? But, you need to know here about the 7 steps to implement The Media Buying process.


What is Media Buying?


Media purchasing involves monitoring the offline or digital media platforms and the time it takes to run the ad. Then noted how the ad is done and optimized. This includes the best strategies and negotiations to create the brand’s most advertising budget.


Objectives of Media Buying


The main purpose of buying digital media is to create creative ads for the brand. With these ads, they deliver your business to your business audience in the right formats and at the right time.


Media Buying is like investing in real estate. How? Because you have to hire any suitable media buying company to negotiate the best deals on newspapers, radio channels, television networks, magazines, social media space, and other types of media. Or if you have trust in yourself, you can try/ invest in media buying media yourself.


Essential Steps in Media Buying Process to Get More Reach


Essential Steps in Media Buying Process to Get More Reach


1. Recognize The Target Audience


Before you begin the media buying process – The first step is to understand who you are looking for. Try to find the right market for your products or services. Do the right research to understand what your target market is? A good resource is to create a profile that attracts the type of customer you want. You have to think about their ideal age, gender, income, and demographic. Imagine the suitable age, gender, income, community, and demographics. You can find the best outlets for your media by resolving these questions.


2. Market Research


Where is your objective market having to live? When do you find them online? Are they watching TV or reading magazines? What is the right approach for placing the ads to your target audience? Understanding the target market’s buying habits will motivate you to locate appropriate media buying that fulfills your defined objectives. This research provides you with information about how your competitors attract customers and reach their audience.


3. Set Your Goals


Start setting goals to make sure you don’t miss a single decision. First, get answers to some questions like – For your advertising buys, what do you want to do? Are you trying for leads? Or trying to sign-up or receive a sale? You will measure whether the goals are fulfilled or not by identifying them. You can also discuss these priorities with the agency. So that you can receive media and check it matches their objectives or not.


4. Create a Strategy


After all these, You can now start planning your strategy with established goals. Your plan should have all the special information like – where / who will buy your media? What is your budget, and what components are included in your media plan?


5. Negotiating


Once you have done all of your market research, setting goals, and strategy, now it’s time to get connected to an agency for media buying. You can talk about your goals and, in addition, find out which outlets can be most effective in reaching the target audience.


6. Launching Your Campaign


The launching phase can be the most exciting because your stunning ad or commercial has been placed in it. A good media buying agency will make sure your placement is broadcast or shared according to your standards. It brings you the results that you are looking for.


7. Results Analysis


How did your ad do? Have you met the targets set in your plan? Do you have to talk to the same media purchasing agency or negotiate with another agency? You would like to try picking up the campaign with more ad placements if things turn out as intended, but now is a safe time to analyze errors and to try alternative solutions if things do not work out. These all things are required to analyze your result.




Media buying is a sensitive process. It focuses on achieving optimal ad placement for maximum conversions. If Media buying is done properly, It could be very successful and extremely profitable.


So, do research on media buying trends and choose a reputed Media buyer partner who has specialized experience. They will provide you with various offline or offline media purchasing services so that you can use most of your time and resources.


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