How to Make Money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest: The fourth most popular social media platform & recorded 431 million global monthly active users in 2021 last quarter, named as the best social media channel for affiliate marketing. In January 2022, Pinterest had 980 million visits which are more than 3.84% of December 2021. 40% of Pinterest users earn an annual income of more than $75,000 which is also again more than then Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok, using users. This makes Pinterest a viable option for affiliate marketing. It merely has to be applied correctly while using it. Let’s look at some practical ideas for making money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing.


What is Pinterest and How does it work?


What is Pinterest and How does it work?

Pinterest is a social networking platform, but it’s slightly different from other sites. 

Pins are a type of post that consists mostly of images and videos. And the Board is a collection of pins. Is this anything you’ve heard before?


How does Pinterest differ from Instagram? You use Instagram to share your own images, whereas Pinterest should keep things that other users have shared.


On Pinterest – Users can like, save, and share Pins with their friends. The more engagement metrics your pin receives, the better it ranks in search. Naturally, allowing you to draw traffic to your website.


The business accounts run Ads that get direct clicks to a specific landing page. The ‘promoted by’ declaration is the only method to identify an ad pin from a regular one. Native advertisements provide a high CTR and eliminate banner blindness from the advertising equation. Before employing sponsored adverts on Pinterest, check to see whether your affiliate program supports it.


Why Pinterest Is Better?

Why Pinterest Is Better?


A smart affiliate marketing strategy should always favor long-term outcomes. You want to build up to something that will work for you in the future, so you don’t have to hustle every minute of the day.


If you want to learn how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing, you must first understand Pinterest…


Pinterest is a ‘visual search engine’, and ‘referral traffic source’. So, don’t think like it is a social media platform. Focus more on the phrases and keywords, its algorithms give you more results.


Because pins have a lengthy shelf life, Pinterest is one of the finest places to start an affiliate money stream. While a tweet’s life is defined in minutes or hours, a pin’s life might be measured in months or even years.


Pins that are well-optimized can continue to appear in search results for the desired term. A pin you made last year can now earn money.


How to Make Money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing?
How to Make Money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest gives an amazing opportunity to affiliate marketers. It makes your dream real to earn passive income. With this passive income, you can easily build your dream. Here is the step-by-step process, you can follow to earn more revenue on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing.


1) Sign Up as an Affiliate Program


Think about what items you want to promote. If you want to promote business courses and software products, find your target market. And if you have in B2C business, try Amazon Associate.


2) Create Website Content to Promote Your Affiliate Links


The next step is to offer your affiliate links to your Pinterest audience. The content acts as a bridge. Create quality content for the items or services for which you are an affiliate and post it on your website. 

Blog articles and video postings are two forms of content. You can also provide an affiliate link with specifications and earn income.


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3) Make many pins for each piece of content


Create several Pinterest pin graphics for each blog or video post on your website, then upload the Pinterest as pin images. It will help you to showcase your content to thousands of people daily. More Pins, More Traffic. So, some pinners create 3-10 pins per blog post, whereas experts create around 15-20 pins per post.


4) Maintain Consistency on Pinterest


Pinning fresh new Pinterest pin images for your blog or video articles regularly is one approach to keeping consistent on Pinterest. This can assist increase your traffic, directing people to the content you wrote using affiliate links.


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5) Analyze the Results and Take Action


Any affiliate marketing effort must begin with analysis. Pinterest Analytics, fortunately, is a gold mine of information. Take a peek at your most popular pins using the link clinks feature.


Determine which of your affiliate-link-containing pins is the most effective. Is it possible for you to make additional variations of this pin? Can you write a comparable blog post and get more pins for that fresh idea?


If Pinterest is your primary source of traffic for your affiliate links, you’ll want to check out Pinterest Analytics to see which pieces of content are generating money for you.


How to Make Money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing without a website?


You don’t need a website to advertise an affiliate offer if your affiliate program permits direct linking on Pinterest. Pinterest enables the use of affiliate links. To develop trust with your audience, we recommend emphasizing that you are an affiliate partner of the company you promote.


Every social media site has the same criteria for excellent material. This implies that your pins should draw attention and either inspire or benefit people. Avoid putting affiliate links into every post and be sure to disclose all affiliate connections to Pinners.


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Affiliate Marketers’ Favorite Pinterest Tools


There are several tools available to help you improve your Pinterest affiliate marketing efforts. Here are a few of the most common options.


1. Tailwind

Tailwind is a fantastic social media scheduling tool that affiliate marketers can use to grow their Pinterest following. It includes a robust analytics tool created just for Pinterest that allows you to track the performance of your pins. It’s another one of those fantastic Pinterest affiliate marketing tools.


You may schedule material, build comprehensive plans, create a free customized landing page, and search for relevant hashtags. The first 100 pins are free, allowing you to thoroughly try them before deciding to pay. You may give it a shot and see if it enhances your Pinterest affiliate marketing.


2. Buffer

Buffer is well-known among seasoned affiliate marketers. It is the ultimate social media marketing tool used by organizations and marketers worldwide.


Buffer isn’t just for Pinterest affiliate marketing; it can also be used with other social media marketing platforms. It features an automated post planner, and you can use the Buffer plugin to easily save photos from other websites to your Pinterest calendar.


3. Canva

Without Canva, this list would be incomplete. Pinterest is a highly graphic-intensive network, so choosing the correct photos is critical.


This is simple to achieve with Canva. There are over a million pictures and photos to pick from, and Canva makes it simple to create acceptable images using simple drag-and-drop capabilities.


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest gets much easier if you use Canva. It is free to use, but you must pay to access the premium features. It may also scale the photos based on the type of graphic you want to make, saving you a lot of time and difficulty. You may also upload pictures. It’s a fantastic tool for producing interesting pins ‌you can schedule using Buffer or Tailwind.


Bonus strategies: How to Make Money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing?


  • Include Your Website on Pinterest

Integrate Pinterest buttons into your affiliate website. This allows people to easily pin photos to their boards or follow your Pinterest board with a single click. Follow these steps to add Pinterest buttons to your website.


  • Use Marketing Tools For Pinterest

The marketing tools help you in saving time through its automation process. It decreases your work time and increases your productivity. It also makes monetizing process fast. 


There are various marketing tools, you can use to enhance your Pinterest performance. You can use Canva and Adobe Spark photo editing tools to boost your creativity. For scheduling the pins, you can use Hootsuite and Buffer. The Supermetrics tool is the best choice to analyze your performance. 


  • Make use of Hashtags


Pinterest’s new strategy is focusing on pinners. If Pinners use relevant hashtags, They may get more reach. Creating appealing pins gives you more clicks in the search results. And the correct use of hashtags in your pins makes your post visible to users. So, write ‌details descriptions with keywords and call-to-action buttons.


  • Publish your pins on other social media channels


The visual graphics you created for Pinterest is shared globally. So, ‌share your pins on other social media as well. To allow people to instantly pin your Instagram posts (or those from any other social media account of your choice) to their Pinterest boards, you may “claim” other social media accounts under settings.


Final Thoughts


Pinterest is one of the unique social media platforms where you can share your thoughts via visual graphics. The presentation of the images on Pinterest even outshines Facebook and Instagram.

How to make money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing !!! Yes, it’s a challenging thing. Doing Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest may give you high returns and potential opportunities to earn extra income. When time goes by and you may get decent traffic on your pins, that time all your hard work pays off.


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