How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing?

If you have a choice to learn something, what do you choose? Video platform or Content platform !!! Around 80% of users may choose the Video platform. In the recent era, Video content is the most effective way to learn anything. And YouTube is the king of video content. You can find almost all the content there. For Affiliate Marketers, YouTube is the most promising channel to earn extra income. In this article, we discuss How to make money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing? So, get ready to know everything about the YouTube affiliate program.


Why Affiliate Marketing Through YouTube?


Why YouTube?


As an affiliate marketer, your objective is to encourage others to buy things from which you will receive a commission. YouTube is an excellent place for this.


Affiliate marketing on YouTube is the best platform to bring more value to users while also making income. While YouTube has several built-in options to monetize your content, affiliate marketing provides you direct control over the items you promote and allows you to earn a larger portion of the revenues.


  • YouTube has over 2 billion users worldwide. Which is expected to grow to 2.8 Billion by 2025. In the US, 94% of adults watch videos on YouTube at least Once a month. 


Research said that YouTube gets 1 Billion watch-time every day, which makes it the second-most popular social media platform in the world.


These huge potentials of the audience make YouTube the top social media platform for Affiliate. If you want to start your own YouTube affiliate marketing channel, this step-by-step guilds on How to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing may help you.


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What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?


What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?


YouTube affiliate marketing is an online business concept in which you can generate revenue by putting affiliate links to videos you create and promoting items or services you suggest.


Where Can You Put Affiliate Links? By putting the links in the description, same as you might do comments, you will promote your Affiliate links on YouTube. It is similar to traditional affiliate marketing for how to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing? You can also put social media account links here.


Another spot where you may safely include affiliate links is in a video’s ‘Pinned Comment.’ It is a secure place to get click on your affiliate link easily. 


You should also add “Cards”, which come on the upper right side of the videos. So, your users also redirect to other videos that you made for your other products. 


Another option is “End Screen.” You promote your best video at the end, so your users may attract to that product.


But, the monetization process is the same, If users purchase something from the link you will earn a commission.


Note: Don’t put too many links. Add only relevant links as per video content. Otherwise, it is overwhelming for your users.


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What Do You Need to Become a YouTube Affiliate Marketer?


  1. A Google account
  2. A YouTube channel
  3. A Focus Niche 
  4. An Offer
  5. Regular Video Post
  6. Traffic on the Videos
  7. Best Affiliate Tracking Software


How to become an affiliate marketer?


Video Ideas You Could Try For YouTube Affiliate Marketing


Video Ideas You Could Try For YouTube


What type of video content is best for affiliate marketing? Because video creation is one of the hardest parts for creators. Because you have to research how you can get audience engagements with the affiliate content and sponsored links.


Research suggests that:


  • 28% of users unfollow the influencers if they’re bored with the content.
  • 14% of users unfollow the influencers if they’re found too much-sponsored content.


So, the question is still there: which is the best video you can create? and how to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing? Here are 6 popular types of YouTube videos to try For YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 


  1. Marketing Trends Videos
  2. Product Unboxing Videos
  3. Discount Offer Videos
  4. Product Review Videos
  5. Tutorials
  6. Educational Videos


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How to Make Money on YouTube With Affiliate Marketing?


How to Make Money on YouTube With Affiliate Marketing?


Are you ready to earn $150,000 each year from the YouTube affiliate program? Here are the 8 pro tips that will increase your revenue on YouTube.


  1. Use attractive thumbnails
  2. Add chapters
  3. Optimize your video for YouTube search
  4. Create playlists
  5. Produce shorts
  6. Embed videos in the site’s blog content
  7. Be honest with affiliate links
  8. Use SEO Strategies for YouTube Affiliate Marketing 


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1. Use Attractive Thumbnails


The Thumbnail image is shown to the users before you ‌watch the videos. So, it plays an important role in watching videos.


How to create a YouTube video thumbnail? Imagine you write a book and now need a cover image for it. If you find an attractive thumbnail, you get one step closer to your success.


Because people watch your thumbnail before videos. So be creative while making. Do some competitive research to check how other channels grab audience attention. 


You should try Canva, Postermywall, Fotor, etc editors to create high-quality images.


Note: Update your thumbnail regularly, if your video content is evergreen. Adjust the date in the video, so your users believed that your content is on the latest trends. It increases your watch time and indirectly it may affect the links, too.


2. Add Chapters


Have you ever clicked on a YouTube video to learn how to fix an issue, and only to watch the author talk about something you don’t care about for 15 minutes? No.


It is like you want to see how to create a website and watch application features for creating a website for 15-20 minutes that you don’t want. People will come to your YouTube video seeking short solutions, no matter how much work you put into compressing your information. So, Use chapter marks to assist students in finding them. It makes it easy to find content that users want.


3. Optimize Your Video for YouTube Search


YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, after only Google. People visit the website to learn something new or to research products they want to purchase.


So, as an affiliate marketer, find out target keywords and create videos. While uploading put the keywords in the title, description, tags, etc. So, With a little search engine optimization, you can get a lot of organic traffic. 


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4. Create Playlists


More views on the video, more chances to earn an affiliate commission. YouTube playlist functionality helps you to create videos in series. 


So, to create a YouTube playlist that combines the relative videos, and add them to relevant playlist name folders.


5. Produce Shorts


The all-new feature of YouTube is “YouTube shorts”. It allows you to create TikTok-style videos for your channel. It is vertical size, up to 60 secs long videos. They’re intended to be quick-fire videos that consumers can flip through quickly, but that doesn’t mean your affiliate marketing approach needs to exclude them.


6. Embed Videos in The Site’s Blog Content


A blog and a YouTube channel both are effective marketing tools for spreading the news about your affiliate links, and they work even better when combined.


Some people like to read blog entries, while others prefer to watch videos. Combine the two to prevent alienating customers who might otherwise buy your recommended items. It also increases the video views. And If your video is unique for a popular product, Google Algorithm also pulls it to the top positions. And it also decreases the bounce rate for your site.


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7. Be Honest with Affiliate Links


It makes no difference what sort of content you create to distribute affiliate links – every product you’re paid to share must be properly labeled. Failure to do so may lead to your audience never trusting the products you advertise.


Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. If the video cannot mention that you get a commission for products, you are not getting the complete picture. The YouTuber is motivated to steer you into their service. 


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made strict standards for indicating whether you will earn affiliate money from a product recommendation. Content makers risk significant fines if they mislead their audience or neglect to emphasize things ‌they are encouraged to sell.


Overcome this issue by simply being open about the affiliate products you’re marketing. For example, On YouTuber provides the notice of affiliate links in the video description.


8. Use SEO Strategies for YouTube Affiliate Marketing


The SEO strategy for YouTube is as same as all other search engines. Optimize your videos according to YouTube queries. 


On YouTube, you have a restricted number of characters for optimization: video title, video description, and tags. Because you have little content for SEO, attempt to concentrate on one keyword to increase your chances of appearing in search results.


  • Title limit on YouTube:  Up to 100 characters long, only 70 will appear in the result.
  • Video description limit: Up to 5000 characters, Only 100-150 characters appear.
  • Tags characters limit: Up to 500 characters
  • Thumbnail size: 1280 x 720 px


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Pros and Cons Of YouTube Affiliate Marketing


Pros and Cons Of YouTube Affiliate Marketing


Pros Of YouTube Affiliate Marketing

  • Source to get a massive audience.
  • Make high growth for your business.
  • It is a low competitive platform.
  • Generate free & organic traffic.
  • It increases trust in your products.
  • Build a loyal following.
  • Low-budget investment.


Cons Of YouTube Affiliate Marketing

  • Hire Video creators & Writers.
  • Niche-specific challenges.
  • 3 strikes will ban your whole channel.
  • Strict rules for links.
  • Difficult to get ranked for trending videos.


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We hope now you don’t have ‌questions about how to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing. Because YouTube, with its massive user base and several useful features, provides the ideal platform for including your affiliate links while maintaining control over the quality of your material.


YouTube Affiliate Marketing is a unique method to earn extra revenue for your products and services. In this article, we covered 8 popular techniques for how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube. If you enjoyed the blog, please share it on your social accounts. And if we forget to add something let us know in the comments.

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