How To Promote Affiliate Links For Free in The Right Way

One of the best methods for bloggers to convert their content into a passive revenue stream is through affiliate marketing. You may increase your earnings by joining a high-paying affiliate network and creating affiliate links. It’s your responsibility as an affiliate marketer to know about – How to promote affiliate links. You receive money when visitors click on your affiliate link and complete a transaction before the cookie expires. Typically, the cookie that is set on the visitor’s browser has a duration of 30–90 days.


Affiliate marketing links generate 15% of revenue from digital media and are expected to rise 10% per year until 2021. 


This post will teach you all you need to know about affiliate links, from where to post affiliate links, how to get affiliate links on different social media platforms, how to track affiliate links, and how to do link promotion.


You’ll be able to maximize your usage of affiliate links with these best practices, which will cause more sales. But, before we get into the specifics, let’s go through the fundamentals.


What Are Affiliate Links?


What Are Affiliate Links?


Affiliate links are customized URLs that are used to send users to a product or service page. As an affiliate, you may use your link in a variety of places on the Internet. People will then click the link that takes them to your affiliate’s website.


If they purchase after clicking on your link, you will receive a specified commission. It is crucial to remember that you are permitted by law to declare that you may earn a commission when someone uses your link to make a purchase.


How to Promote Affiliate Links?


How to Promote Affiliate Links?


Research revealed that after Google AdSense and its competition, publishers started affiliate links to produce more money for their website than other kinds of promotion. This is because affiliate links may be promoted in several ways, platforms, campaigns, and content kinds.


Begin marketing your affiliate links in these top 13 areas if you want to be a successful affiliate blogger.


1. Write Evergreen Blogs


Writing Evergreen blogs is the most common method to promote your affiliate links. Having a blog has many advantages, one of which is the ability to earn money effortlessly and includes an affiliate link in any of your blog posts.


Blog postings are also a low-cost method of promoting your links. Assume you own a blog on travel. If you have an affiliate link for hotels and restaurants, you can easily add it to any blog post. Blogging takes a significant amount of work. To know more information on the pros and cons of Affiliate marketing, click here.


2. Arrange Online Events


Arranging an online event is an excellent method to bring together many individuals from different areas at the same time. Everyone does not have the time or resources to attend in-person events. This will assist you in developing one-on-one relationships with your audience and conversing with them about their opinions and recommendations. 


You may easily include your affiliate link in the event’s online chat and discuss it with your audience. This may not only help you attract people to use your affiliate link, but it may also motivate others to start their affiliate path.


3. Share Product Tutorials


Using tutorials to your advantage is a great method to advertise your affiliate link. Make a video or blog post showing users how to use a certain power tool if you have an affiliate link for it. This not only allows them to see the product in operation, but it also shows that you use it and that it can accomplish what you promise it does. Tutorials are one of the most searched-for topics on YouTube. This is an excellent method to broaden your audience and direct them to your affiliate link.


4. Add Your Links in Newsletters & Emails


Sending emails to users. What does it mean? You have already had an audience that likes to visit your websites. Putting up an email sign-up form on your website is a smart place to start.


Your newsletter serves several purposes. It allows you to connect with your readers, spread your blog material, and advertise your affiliate items. 


Getting a visitor to sign up for your newsletter implies that your emails should at the very least include relevant information. Furthermore, if at all workable, they should provide incentives such as your exclusive guidelines that are not available online or exclusive prices on your affiliate items.


5. Podcast


How to promote affiliate links uniquely? Nowadays, podcasts are gaining more popularity. People are listening to podcasts more than they are listening to the radio. 


One can create a Podcast on any topic. Some of the most popular podcasts are from marketers or regarding subjects such as digital marketing techniques or product reviews.


If you have a podcast, it will be much easier to add your affiliate link. This type of material has the advantage of being extremely easy to grow. 


YouTube takes time to get more subscribers. But, with podcasts, users like to hear advertisements for sponsored products.


Whether you have sponsored commercials to read,  disclose your affiliate link and include it in the episode description.


6. Advertisement


Many individuals use advertisements to promote their affiliate links. It is a standard technique to market your affiliate link, whether on Facebook, Instagram, or your blog.


When discussing advertising, it is critical to note that you should never run ads that use your affiliate link directly. This can cause you to be banned from a variety of websites, including Facebook. You may use advertisements to direct users to landing pages that provide additional information about your affiliate link.


7. Guest Posting


A guest post: It’s exactly what it sounds like. You’re a guest on someone else’s site, and you’re sharing stuff relevant to their audience. 


When someone has no time to write a blog, guest posting is the best way to share your affiliate link. You can get more traffic and so get more reach and a chance to click on your affiliate links. 


This can expose you to a completely new audience and potential customers. Depending on your profile, you may have more results initially by contacting smaller blog authors. They are eager for free material for their site, and advertising yourself will typically cost them nothing. 


If you ask us, that’s not a bad ideaaa.


8. Contest


Free Things !!! Everyone likes it. Promoting your affiliate links by arranging the content is not a bad option. It will give more engagement to people on your website. You may increase your chances of earning by asking your audience to share your content.


This is a really simple method of reaching a wider audience. Your affiliate link must be linked to the contest. You may accomplish this by telling your audience that if they use your affiliate link to purchase a product, they will win a prize. Please give the audience the best prize because nobody takes part if the prize is not worthy.


9. Webinar


Live streaming is the best way to remain connected with the audience. Hosting a webinar is an excellent method to advertise your affiliate link to your audience, whether you go live on a platform like Facebook or YouTube or become a partner on Twitch.


You can talk about the specific product or service on a live stream. If you’re an affiliate of many items in the same category, talk about them all to improve the chance of people using them.


Assume you go live on Instagram to inform your fans about a sale on Amazon with which you are associated. You might get some visitors to click on your affiliate link.


10. Make Catchy Affiliate Banner


How to promote affiliate links by attracting more and more users with visual effects? Not only Affiliate links are effective to drive sales but banners also get a great result. 


While contextual links are typically more successful than banners in driving sales, there is room for both. Because banners look attractive, it gives more advantage to us.


You can easily put it on the sidebar of your page. It is also placed on the header or footer. These are simple to include in your page’s sidebar, header, footer, or content. Your affiliate link is instantly included in the code you just copy and paste into your page. Visitors with a strong desire to make a purchase are more likely to study your material carefully. 


Because banners appear more promotional than contextual links and many visitors reject them, they should be used wisely.


11. Use Social Media


We’ve published detailed tutorials later on how to use affiliate links on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as forums like Quora and Reddit. These articles may be found in our Supermetrics blog’s affiliate growth category.


To market affiliate links on these platforms, you must have a target audience of potential purchasers. The advantage of social media is that you may include direct affiliate links in your postings on many platforms. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are examples of this.


– Facebook


Every day, millions of individuals log on to Facebook. Facebook is a simple method to reach thousands of people at once with your affiliate link. Make a Facebook page for it.


This can involve things like uploading photographs, polls, and communicating with the public. A Facebook group is also an option. These might be public or private online groups dedicated to certain themes.


There, you may effortlessly share your affiliate link with the members of the community. If you notice a post about someone seeking advice regarding your affiliate link, share it with them, but with the clarity that you may get a commission, but it will not cost them anything.


Before we go on to the next method of promoting your affiliate link, you can also use your personal Facebook profile. If you are an associate for a product or service that they are already exploring purchase, your friends and family would be delighted to assist you.


– Instagram


Instagram is unquestionably one of the most popular social media sites. On this site, you may find celebrities, company owners, fan accounts, and much more. Instagram is most recognized for the high level of engagement that takes place on the site. Create an Instagram account for your company or brand if you don’t already have one.


You may then share high-quality photos or videos with your audience. This is an excellent method to stay current and increase traffic. 


How do you use Instagram to promote your affiliate link? There are a few popular methods. To begin, create a post with a photo or video that advertises the product.


It might be the primary focus or a component of a larger picture. You may tell your audience how this product or service has changed your life and how they can use your link to get it for themselves. The second method is to make use of Instagram stories. You can submit a photo or video that will be shown for 24 hours.


If you have 10,000 or more followers, you may include a link in your post so that visitors can quickly swipe up and be brought to your affiliate link. If you don’t have at least 10,000 followers, you may add your affiliate link to your Instagram profile and give access to it with your posts.


– Youtube


We can’t do affiliate marketing without including YouTube. Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract an audience on YouTube, affiliate links enable producers to publish videos.


If you’re one of the lucky folks who have a huge YouTube following, you’ll probably have no trouble persuading others to use your affiliate link. Put it in the description of every video you have and make a point of mentioning it in your videos. It is crucial to remember that you should not dwell on it for too long or in each video.


This has the potential to turn viewers off, cause them to quit watching the video, or even cause them to unsubscribe. Include your affiliate link for 15 seconds at the start and finish your video. You may simply create a single video in which you discuss everything.


– Twitter


Twitter is another excellent social networking platform. Did you know that there are around 6,000 tweets sent every second on Twitter? That equals over 500,000,000 tweets each day. Those figures are huge, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of them. Make a Twitter account for your firm and follow comparable accounts or their fans to let them know it exists. 


You may also cross-promote each other’s social media profiles. For example, if you already have an Instagram account and have recently started a Twitter account, it will be useful to inform your Instagram followers about your new Twitter account. This is a simple method for gaining a following across several platforms. Your affiliate link can be included in your Twitter profile or a single tweet. You can also include hashtags relating to the product or service for which you are an affiliate.


– LinkedIn


Most companies and professionals have a LinkedIn profile. This website includes groups that are like those found on Facebook. This is an excellent location to market your affiliate link because it is a professional social media platform designed to network with individuals in related sectors.


When you’re surrounded by coworkers or peers, they’re significantly more likely to help you out by purchasing through your affiliate link. You could also consider using your LinkedIn profile. It is simply an online platform if you do not already have one. You can put your affiliate link in the profile’s introduction area.


– Pinterest


Because Pinterest is a visual social networking platform, you have a lot of choices for generating attention to your affiliate links, especially those marketing physical products.


Create pins and boards centered on a certain product for the greatest results. Alternatively, you may put a pin with your affiliate link on a board about a larger topic.


Create a Pinterest board on marketing advice, ideas, and tips, for example, if you are an affiliate marketer for a nutrition firm. Include one or two pins from that board that use your affiliate links.


Check your affiliate dashboard as well as Pinterest Analytics to discover which strategy produces the greatest results.




We hope that this article gives you ideas about How to promote Affiliate links…

Be Creative and Use More and More Online Platforms.

With Affiliate Links, you can earn extra income every day. 

So, if you are aware of how affiliate links work, and where to post affiliate links – now it’s time to use your understanding and make money.

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