How to Start Affiliate Marketing On Facebook? Real Tips For Facebook Affiliate Program

Facebook: The largest social media platform, developed in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. In just 8 years, Facebook crossed the 1 Billion mark. In the second quarter of 2018, Facebook gains over 2 Billion monthly active users. And in recent times, 1.9 billion daily users access Facebook’s platform, a 6.89% increase year-over-year. So, take advantage of these statics, and start your affiliate program on Facebook. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start, in this post we are given actual tips for How to Start Affiliate Marketing On Facebook?   


If you are an affiliate marketer, you can’t ignore Facebook affiliate marketing. Because it is the world’s largest social media channel. Whether you are advertising web hosting or giving SEO / PPC services, there’s a target market for nearly many products and services on Facebook.


It’s simple to contact your target audience with a Facebook Page or Group. You’ll have access to targeting tools if you set up one of them. These help you find and contact people who are interested in knowing about your service.


The main benefits are:

It’s free to access…

And its visibility is huge…

So, let’s going dip into the knowledge about how to become an affiliate marketer on Facebook? 


What Is Facebook Affiliate Marketing?


Most affiliate marketing focuses on organic search engine traffic. However, it might take years to build an affiliate marketing business into a full-time income.

Affiliate marketers may use Facebook to drive visitors to a Facebook page or group as well as an external website using Facebook affiliate marketing. It provides lots of groups and pages dedicated to almost every topic you can imagine. Simply discover it and advertise your affiliate links there to get benefit from Facebook’s billions of users. 


How to Start Affiliate Marketing On Facebook?


Start Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page or Facebook community

Creating a Facebook page or community for your Facebook affiliate marketing techniques is one of the simple and we can say that FREE ways to promote your affiliate links with interested people.


Best traffic source for Affiliate Marketing


It helps you from spamming. Because it is not legal to share affiliate links with your friends to get traffic or purchase products from your services.


How to create a Facebook page for affiliate marketing? 


– Open your Facebook profile, At the top of the home page, select create and choose page option.

– Name your Page, select a category, add business information (like address, contact no, etc.), and add a profile and cover photo.


How to join Facebook Affiliate marketing groups or communities?   


– From your feed, click groups from the left side menu.

– Enter your queries to the search group you are looking for.

– Select the group, click on the “+” button, and join the group.


How you can build your audience in the beginning…


– Send messages to interested people

– Share your groups or community links to other groups, so more people join your communities. 


How to Create the Best Affiliate Marketing Campaign?


Step 2: Get engagement from your Audience for promotions


You must position yourself as an expert and develop a relationship with your audience if you want to run a successful Facebook affiliate company.

When you publish an advertisement, your followers will be significantly more responsive to it since they appreciate and trust your viewpoint.


How do you increase engagement for Facebook Affiliate Marketing?


  1. Post at perfect times
  2. Focus on niche content
  3. Analyze the most popular posts
  4. Prioritize comments & replies
  5. Promote your on-site content on Facebook
  6. Add CTA button with post
  7. Share some video post
  8. Use the 80/20 rule


If you look at the best brands on Facebook, you’ll find that they post and connect with their fans regularly. Dead pages are those that merely repeat their own material, making no effort to engage.


Affiliate Marketing Strategy That Makes $1 Million Earning


Step 3. Use Facebook Ads


It’s really no mystery that Facebook is a compensation platform, and if you want to develop your business quicker and generate more money in a shorter amount of time, invest in Facebook Ads.


In just a few times, you can establish an engaged audience with a few targeted ads. You can reach deep into events like engagements and basic demographics like age, gender, and country. Thanks to billions of active users and a strong (and equally creepy) advertisements network.


The Facebook and Affiliate marketing links in the ads connect with the type of interested people. It grows your audience and trust.


Best Affiliate Networks to Earn Money


Examples Of Facebook Affiliate Marketers


Examples Of Facebook Affiliate Marketers


Who is the best affiliate marketer that earns more from social media? Here are the Examples of Facebook Affiliate Marketing Users.


1) Skyscanner


It has a comparison site for plane tickets. You can find departure airport and destination anywhere in the world and find cheap flights from the site. But their main source to get traffic is social media and especially Instagram.


2) This Is Why I’m Broke


‘This is Why I’m Broke,’ an Amazon affiliate site with a significant social media following, is an excellent resource if you have some extra cash but aren’t sure what you need. 


They share quality content on Facebook, so they get a high level of engagement on every post. Almost every affiliate today uses Facebook to promote their business, but TIWIB is one of the most effective at obtaining shares and clicks. 


3) Website Setup


Even with a huge world of blogs in the same category (offering web hosting and providing website advice), this one stands out. Since 2013, one of the most popular of these sites has been Website Startup.


It extensively uses Facebook. They are regularly posting blog posts like website color palettes, how to correctly use alt text, how to set up a site at their affiliate, etc things. With social media accounts, they can receive high-quality, educational information whenever it is, making this site a must-visit.


4) The Points Guy


The Points Guy is a popular travel site owner that showcases the greatest hotels around the world and provides news on useful travel tips. By selling credit cards, they make more money.


The Points Guy is the largest company with 25 full-time staff working on it. It has over 2M followers on Facebook. Their page includes connections to high-quality content for many travelers and shows how to become an affiliate marketer on Facebook?


5) Making Sense of Cents


It is a finance site that depends on various social media sites to gain traffic. It has almost 100,000 Facebook followers, and it makes money via selling financial products and receiving commissions, as well as advertising. Making Sense of Cents is a one-woman show, which makes it all the more of a success story and yet another example of how social media is being used to benefit affiliate marketers.


Real Tips To Boost Your Facebook Affiliate Program


Real Tips To Boost Your Facebook Affiliate Program


1) Use Affiliate Marketing Disclaimers


According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you must have to declare your affiliate marketing activities. And the best way is to include the following details in your Facebook post:

“This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you click on the links of the products and make a purchase.”


2) Facebook Affiliate Marketing with Amazon


Amazon is the Biggest online E-commerce site in the world. And they are also providing Affiliate options to their customer. And in return, they provide up to 10% commission to users.


How to promote Amazon links on Facebook?


You can’t directly promote your products on Facebook that include affiliate links. This means you can share the product links on your Facebook, but you can’t boost it. You can’t run any ads for your products. And if you are caught doing that, Amazon may ban your account. So, the better option is to write a blog on that product, include your affiliate links in the post, and promote that blog on Facebook.


3) Using ClickBank Affiliates on Facebook


ClickBank provides up to a 75% commission rate, so it is a favorite brand for affiliate marketers. So, the question is How can you put affiliate links on Facebook?


Promoting ClickBank links on your Facebook is difficult. Because you can’t share the links in the post or ads. Using links is also not safe. So, only one way to use Clickbank is to write content and promote it.


Pros And Cons Of Facebook Affiliate Marketing


Pros And Cons Of Facebook Affiliate Marketing


How to Start Affiliate Marketing On Facebook? If you learn, let’s look at the pros and cons of using Facebook affiliate marketing.


Facebook Affiliate Marketing Pros 


  • Reach Billions of people
  • Marketing on a low budget
  • Some tricks you can do in free
  • You may do without a website
  • Leverage traffic from existing pages or groups


Facebook Affiliate Marketing Cons


  • If you want more reach, start paid ads.
  • Work regularly for free traffic from Facebook, otherwise, it is no longer a thing.
  • Earning a profit from Facebook campaigns is hard.
  • If you can’t follow its Terms of Service, your ads stop with no notice.


Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Marketing – That You Don’t Know Yet




For affiliate marketers, Facebook is the most popular social media network. There are several ways affiliate marketers may use Facebook to their advantage, from joining specialty groups to using Facebook advertisements.


Remember all these tips about how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook helps in minimizing your marketing efforts. You’ll get an advantage by using the world’s largest social networking platform. But, it will take time and patience, but if you stick with it, you will see results.

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