How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money in 5 Steps

Great News For Marketing Persons. If You interested in an Affiliate Marketing startup and concern about money, this free blog gives you confidence for starting up your business. Do you think that how to start affiliate marketing with no money? Follow only 5 steps and make money.


This article describes the exact steps you can do right now to get started with affiliate marketing paying no money. If you put in the time and effort, this may become a good side income that could eventually become your passive income source.


How to start affiliate marketing for free ???


Affiliate marketing is a widely used strategy in which an affiliate gets a commission for selling the products to another individual or firm. You make advertisements for the product and receive a percentage of the proceeds from each sale you make.


Affiliate marketing is all about getting a message from the right user at the right time. Marketing is one of the finest methods to earn money online without having to pay any fees. It is – how to do affiliate marketing for free?


How to Find Your Target Audience?


Consider any online platform that offers you to communicate with a big number of individuals. You have the potential to be used for affiliate marketing.


Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are ideal for sharing your niche content. You can reach out to specific audiences from it. The best part is these tools are completely free. All you have to do is put in the time and effort to build up your business.


Choose an affiliate program with high rewards before developing your affiliate marketing plan.


Then let’s look at the business techniques you may apply for free if you are ready to get those innovative thoughts to work.


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How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money in 5 Steps


How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money in 5 Steps


1. Choose Effective Niche

2. Build a free premium website

3. Create social media accounts to attract people

4. Get leads from Autoresponder Tool

5. Register your website to affiliate programs


Many bloggers are now employed to make money through affiliate marketing. You have heard that some of the top bloggers in the world sell Affiliates and earn over $50,000 every month.


Of course, you must have a big, dedicated audience to make this type of money. But what if you have no such followers? Let’s just write a blog…and get that step.


Step 1. Choose Effective Niche


Choose Effective Niche


Choosing a special niche is the crucial step. It helps you for multiple reasons:


– With low competition, you get more interested people.

– You can use different ways for monetization.

– This might become your major asset of passive income.


See this 21 Evergreen niches blog article to get a sense of niches you might like to follow.


Evergreen Niches


Image Sources: seohustlers


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Step 2. Set up a free website as a flagship


Set up a free website as a flagship


Sometimes you can’t directly send affiliate offers to users from social platforms. That time, you need an effective landing page by which users can trust your offers. Make sure it looks amazing, so people attract more.


For branding, some of the major companies also make free websites. There are more sources (Like Blogger, WordPress (For SubDomain), HubPages, Weebly, etc..) available to create a free website.


But, pay money for domain name and Webhosting. It does not cost you more. You can take in around $15 – 20/year. 


You can buy a secure domain name from GoDaddy and Webhosting from HostGator. It also easily customizes your website. 


When your business expands, you may wish to become a little more versatile and create your brand instead of using a WordPress sub-domain. 


After making it, create some valuable content for readers. Generate traffic from it. 


How to write content? The step to developing content quickly is to google the subjects you will write about. Collect information from the top 10 pages and make your definitive version of all combined pages. Just rewrite, don’t copy. 


Step 3. Create social media accounts to attract people


Create social media accounts to attract people


How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website??? It’s time for you to use social media to get some initial traffic. You can pick your topic and set up your site. The quickest approach is to create a fan page on Facebook and an Instagram account.


You don’t need to become a blogger right immediately because you are an affiliate. You may instead monetize your presence online via social networks. This may be done by including affiliate links in your articles, updates, and profiles.


Social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. have millions of visitors. You can insert links simply into your articles and view results. Just ensure that you fulfill the limitations of these sites since you do not have your accounts technically.




How to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook? Many individuals, actually billions, have the biggest Social Media platform is Facebook these days. You can easily promote affiliate products on your page if you have an account.


It’s crucial to build your page on a topic of interest. Health, money, fitness, relationships, or anything else could be people interested in mastering. So, they purchase or sell those products more and more. So choose your niche in it and make a page for it.


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Did you know!!! YouTube is the best platform to show reviews of your products. You can make videos or benefits of products, so users are taking more interest to buy them. Millions of users find reviews and watch how to use products on YouTube. So YouTube is an extraordinarily promotional platform for affiliate marketing.


The most successful YouTubers earn millions annually by producing videos, marketing their favorite items. This might be one of the easiest methods to become an affiliate without investing in a website and blog.


In the first few months, you won’t have a lot of subscribers. But if you continue to upload engaging and informative videos, the audience you need to succeed will ultimately develop.




Instagram is a major platform for affiliate marketers to reach a large audience. While it is difficult to overcome the Instagram algorithm, niche marketing can offer surprising benefits.


Did you ever notice millions of followers with an account, but rarely get likes on the post? You wish to prevent this circumstance.


Stick with your niche and make interacting with your target audience. Even if you have fewer followers, make engaging content and make interested to users to buy your products. 


Unfortunately, like other platforms – Instagram doesn’t allow you to put your links into captions. So, put your master link in the bio section of your profile. So, when users check your profile, they can open your link and purchase products.


Step 4. Get leads from Autoresponder Tool


Create social media accounts to attract people


You never know when your Facebook and Instagram will grow. So, do not rely on it. Use other tactics as well. But, How to start affiliate marketing for free??? One method is to generate leads by email marketing.


It is a free method. Collect emails from different tactics and send emails for your products. 


You can use the following Autoresponder Tool:


– Mailchimp (2000 free contacts)

– ConvertKit (1000 free contacts)

– MailerLite (1000 free contacts)


The best tool is Mailchimp. It is more effective and allows you to save more contacts.


Step 5. Register your website with affiliate programs


Get leads from Autoresponder Tool


And the final step is to Register your website with affiliate programs. You can join in free. You can make your fan page on it.


Some of the most used affiliate programs to sign up for affiliate marketers are Amazon Associates, eBay partner program, Aliexpress, Walmart affiliate program, CJ affiliate, ClickBank, etc.


You may apply for affiliate network programs such as ShareASale and Rakuten when your follow-up on social media is established.


These networks continuously look for publishers who can contribute well to them.


Thankfully, you can easily find affiliate programs related to your niche. But, for joining these programs you have to fulfill their criteria in terms of online presence and traffics.


Really !!! How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money? 


How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money


It is a reality: affiliate marketing is hard, takes more time and hard work. No matter what method you choose. Generate great content to differentiate your community and get visitors.


Take the time to search each network to develop your marketing plan for your affiliate. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. The ideal way is to use a few of these tools to reach a large public and make your affiliate links more visible.


Remember that money isn’t needed for a great affiliate marketer, but patience, innovation, and hard effort are needed.


There’s no other way to go if you set your mind to become an affiliate marketer. And you should constantly consider the best methods and practices if you are dedicated.


It is important to build an audience that respects the rules of the business. And if your knowledge becomes a good source, expect to promote it, writing about it. In the end, your view is golden.


So, to reply to the question, How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money (free of cost), The reply is very clear. It is Positive! Research, effort, chance, and determination are required. 


The next is waiting to make history. 


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