How To Write a Product Review For an Affiliate Site

Don’t Know – How To Write a Product Review For an Affiliate Site ???


It is tough to write a review if you are new in the Affiliate Industry.


You check other’s reviews, still; scratch your head, and wondering about how to write a good product review…


We can’t say that you know anything about the product. Maybe you use it, maybe you read lots of reviews about it. Still, when it is writing a review yourself, you can’t get any idea how to write product reviews… That time you search online:


– How to start reviews for Affiliate Products?

– What details can I include in products reviews?

– How to make product reviews interesting?

– Is it OK to write about the product’s bad aspects?


You’ve come to the correct place if these are questions you are thinking. We will provide you in today’s article a step-by-step method to write your review.


Then we’ll offer you some good strategies, so you’re always writing engaging, professional, and exciting evaluations on your reviews.


So, get ready !!!


What is a Product Review?


What is a Product Review


Product reviews are in-depth pieces of content published by marketers and bloggers. It may use for readers to get information before making a purchase. The reviews are popular in online stores and review sites like Yelp.


You can get an advantage over your competitors by producing product reviews for your website. There are many additional advantages to consider as well, including:


– Good product review develops your value to your readers.

– It makes you expertise in a particular industry

– Overall, they are natural, “non-sales” pieces of content that serve as a significant “positive proof” statistic for a product.


Yes, your readers will benefit from your reviews the most if you avoid normal mistakes, include “over-egging” (promote yourself for sale) the sales talk. Plus, do not depend too much on other marketers’ reviews. Try to customize the review to your target audience.


Why Should You Write Product Reviews For Affiliate Site?


Consider your online shopping habits. You do not make a buy blindly. You would take extra help, whether from a buddy or a reliable internet source. Also, You’d like to know how the product works for others, its benefits and drawbacks, and how it compares to competing products.


All these things you can find in the product review session. If someone purchased the product that you like, he left a review about it. 


Another option is, find the reviews on related Reviews sites, like Affpaying (Best website for Affiliate Review) – Check ADAttract‘s reviews on it.


Best website for Affiliate Review - ADAttract


Benefits To Write a Product Review For an Affiliate Site


– You can make a name as a knowledgeable specialist on product reviewing

– Increase traffic to your website by using particular, focused keywords

– Collect email addresses by providing content upgrades (guides, news, tutorials)

– Maintain, expand, and engage your audience


How To Find the Best Products/services for Reviews?


Consider the following factors when deciding what type of affiliate items to review on your website:


Determine these 3 things before writing a product review:

– The interest level of your audience in the product or category of products.

– The affiliate commission.

– Target Audience.


Taking these three factors into account, you are effectively determining your unique niche and what exactly fits within this niche.


How To Write a Product Review For an Affiliate Site: Steps by Steps


As with any product or service, you need to write good content that is eye-catchy for your audience’s attention.


Write straightforward reviews, so that people decide correctly about they can make a purchase or use a service.


So, for this, follow steps by steps guidance that we have given below.


Essential Things – How To Write a Product Review For an Affiliate Site:


1. Write In-Depth Product Reviews


Write In-Depth Product Reviews


To provide in-depth product reviews, you must first use the product.


You may try the product before submitting a review by doing the following things:


– Search for the demo product

– Ask the product manufacturer for a free trial

– You may even request that the product developer offer the product away for a review.


But to write reviews about a product or service, sometimes you can also research the features and specifications of that products and services. 


Then you can write the review in your style and add all the information by which people decide that they should use that product or service.


You won’t always be able to own the product to write the review. Especially if you’re writing a review for a physical item.


2. Know Your Audience Nature


Know Your Audience Nature


It’s essential to understand the nature of your site’s audience before writing your review.


With product reviews, your objective is to convert as many people as possible into customers.


What you have to know about the audience:


– Which types of service does your audience like?

– research your audience demographics, behaviors, etc.

– Find audience problems and analyze how your product can solve their issues


You may look via specialized forums or ask your followers directly about their concerns via newsletters to learn about the most critical issues in your niche.


Understanding this also helps you design the content of your review articles to establish a relationship with them and leverage the “liking” element of the influence principles I mentioned before.


The greatest locations to learn more about individuals are forums, groups, and social media sites.


You may also find out what others are worried about by reading the comments on other blog articles about the product you’re reviewing.


3. Write real information so No one can excuse for it


Write real information so No one excuse for it


When you don’t like something, you fight with everyone to negate each of their excuses.


The purpose of your product review is to address all the arguments and justifications customers have for not purchasing your product.


So, as a writer, before writing any review, make lists of why people won’t buy your product.


Prepare at least 10 objections and reasons that your prospects could make before purchasing the goods you’re reviewing.


Keep in mind that objections and excuses are not the same things.


4. Write an Answer That satisfies the Public Question


Write an Answer That satisfies the Public Question


There are certain answers that your prospective buyers will search for before buying your product.


So, how do know them?


For this, you need to make use of tools like AnswerThePublic. This tool allows you to discover all the common questions people have for the product you’re reviewing.


By analyzing the results that this tool returns you, it’ll be easier for you to determine what is all the information your audience is looking for the product.


It’ll also help your review to be a lot more insightful than your competitors and help you fill the missing gap of information that your visitors find nowhere.


These are the keywords that you need to include in your review outline and address in-depth in your review.


How to write a good product review

5. Make a video with your honest opinion


Make a video with your honest opinion


If you want to connect with your audience make a real video and show your smiling face. 


This helps to increase the conversion rate because users trust you more. Trust in the online world is difficult to get. Therefore, it is helpful to display your cheerful face on your site via pictures, videos.


It is a strategy you heard about “People By People, Not Products.”


6. Trust Build Your Authority


Trust Build Your Authority


A professional picture of yours on the sidebar makes a big impact in creating authority.


People always find reviews from allowed persons, influencers, and trustworthy sources.


With unique reviews, professional design, testimonials sections, or services, you can easily build your authority.


How To Write a Product Review For an Affiliate Site Like A Pro 


1. Be Conversational


Be Conversational


Write as you talk to your mate.


Please put in your article a humanist tone.


Address “you” and “your” readers


Take your articles into account more and more engaging.


Include your own story about the product you are looking at, describe the product’s results, a tale of how an issue was resolved, etc.


This helps you make your audience feel more comfortable, as long as you have prepared your speech considering the audience’s psychographs.


2. Describe Emotion


Describe Emotion


Understand the difficulties your readers face when you write a piece. You need to be able to convey the issues faced by your audience.


To ensure that you set the framework, create a report fast and let them read then give a review, and an Emotional story is the best way.


For each blog article, it is vital to have a compassionate beginning. However, it is highly crucial for your product reviews and important landing sites.


3. Try to speak in your Audience language


Try to speak in your Audience language


You need to know that what is your audience and what they like and speak in their language likes which words and phrases they use. People always find reviews in their languages.


We want to highlight that it is vital to speak the language of the audience. Because users search throughout the contents only when they find their language in the reviews. Once find it, they stop scrolling and start paying attention.


4. Write Most Important Things As a Title


Write Most Important Things As a Title


A summary of the product review section at the beginning of your review is quite significant.


It attracts consumers who make purchase decisions quickly.


These highly driven purchasers do not need to convince. With more rational reasons, people pursue themselves that they buy the thing they have already chosen to purchase. It makes you also good review taker.


5. Write Like You Are Educating The People


Write Like You Are Educating The People


You can’t state “This product is great for you,” immediately after the post starts.


You must get your readers through the review and eventually try to convert your readers through their education.


You should use the 80-20 rule (Pareto principle)


How to Write a Product Review That Drives Sales



1. Write all the benefits 


Write all the benefits


First, you need to create a list of all the benefits that the product offers to customers. Arrange it in proper order. And then write it in a step-by-step sequence.


You can also cover product features into benefits. If you use the product, then add your perspectives too.


Try to explain at least 2 benefits in reviews. Make sure your benefits make sense and have a maximum impact on the users.


To increase conversion, try to include your benefits at the third or fourth tiers stages of your hierarchy.


2. Include Disadvantages of Products


Include Disadvantages of Products


Why do people come to read review sessions? Because if someone purchases the product, they also write what are the disadvantages of that product?


You should have noticed some of the product’s drawbacks if you have used the product in hand. These disadvantages also should be included in the review.


Don’t write fake disadvantages. If you have a product and you find some drawbacks, then only write when you are 100% sure about it.


Don’t be too optimistic. Because disadvantages highlight more than advantages. So write it honestly. 


Including disadvantages in your review is important, because people trust believes in it. If you can’t write it down, then no one can trust your reviews. Because all know that every product comes with some drawbacks.


3. Write Alternative options and comparisons charts


Write down Alternative options and comparisons charts


As you include downsides in the reviews, must include its alternative products.


It makes your review interesting. And it helps users to find the best product from the reviews.


Why do you include alternatives? Because it makes comparisons of products. So users find other products in the market that are like it. 


This will show your readers that you are aware of and interested in other similar products in the area.


By comparing your product to rivals, your review will become a one-stop destination for your prospects, since you’ve already assisted them in comparing the items to others on the market and sliding them down the sales funnel.


In this digital age, there is a large population of users who want to acquire the finest product knowledge available among all the other rivals. You will win if you can show that your product is superior to its competitors despite drawbacks.


4. Write some inside specification


Write some inside specification


Your post should be so comprehensive so that people read it till the end and make a purchase from your affiliate link and make the buy. 


What you can write in insights specification?


– Explanation of why the product is needed and what pain condition it is attempting to solve.

– Information that will assist them in determining whether the product is right for them.

– All the product’s characteristics and advantages.

– A quick description of how the product works and how to best use it.

– Product use scenarios, including optional instances of people using it.

– The product’s alternatives and how it compares to each of them.

– How does the product interact with other items in the market?

– Any case studies, stories, or examples involving you or others who have used the product.

– Add images and divide the review neatly into several sub-sections, so users do not feel bored.


5. Add FAQ




We always live in doubt. Any time we go anywhere, purchase anything, doubt comes first.


And as the doubt is clear, then we are happy and do anything to get it.


So, in review at the end portion, try to write FAQs about the product and solve the user’s problem.


What you can write in FAQs? There are some common questions that people find online. 


You can find it from the “People Also Ask” section or using Google trends.


Basic questions that you can add in FAQs:


– How to use this product?

– What are the unique features of this product?

– Why this product is better than others?

– What are the cons of the product?

– What are the alternatives of a product?

– Is the product worth buying?



6. Make Social Identity


Make Social Identity


If you’ve read this blog article to the end, you’ll understand what social proof is. It refers to individuals’ inclination to rely on what other people are doing when they are unsure about taking action.


To incorporate the social proof aspect into your text, you may need to include some people’s testimonials, opinions, case studies, examples, and tales within your product review.


If the product you’re marketing is excellent enough, there will be a fair number of case studies available online. You can incorporate them into your review.


People prefer information from many sources over information from a single one.


If the testimonial or outcome comes from someone who was in the same situation as your prospect audience and made a significant change, it will be far more powerful since people can relate to him.


7. Include CTA (Call To Action) Button


Include CTA (Call To Action) Button


Once you’ve ensured that your viewers are well-informed enough to decide whether to purchase the product, it’s time to include a click button.


Include eye-catching buttons for your affiliate links. The most effective color for the button is determined by the style of your blog. You might think about A/B testing the colors of your buttons.


The actual issue is button vision, which must be addressed by the strategic use of the principles of pattern interrupt, color psychology, and design patterns.


It is better for conversation. Optimization for the most effective click-to-action buttons is important for conversion which is helpful to add in the affiliate links.


Try to match the color of the button to the main color of your site. For example, if your website theme color is focused on one particular color which is black & white, then add the CTA button also in that color.


Conclusion:- “How How To Write a Product Review For an Affiliate Site?”


After reading these tips, we hope you can well understand what you have to do for writing a good product review…


The one thing you should always remember while writing product reviews is that Try to educate the user first and then sell your product. 


Educate them on how the product will solve their issues and convince them that the product is worthwhile for them. It makes trust, which is hard to come in the online world.


If you have more suggestions, write them down in the comment section. It will help us and other users too.


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