Latest Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2021-22

If you are working in the affiliate marketing industry, you must know about the upcoming Latest Affiliate Marketing trends for 2021, which is motivated you in Making Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies that make $1 Million Earning.


For a successful performance marketing company in the affiliate industry, it is important to stay engaged with the 2021 marketing trends, including new ideas, news, and stats. 


Before going to Affiliate Marketing Trends, there is one question people asked for affiliate marketing i.e. is Affiliate Marketing dead? This question has arrived because if you want to make an affiliate marketing career, you must know is it good to make a career in it and what is the future scope of Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s go deep into that question…


Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?


Is Affiliate Marketing Dead

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Have you ever seen that any product sold without marketing…???


Definitely, Not !!!


Then think, how can Affiliate Marketing is dead anytime. It is also a part of Digital Marketing. 


In fact, Affiliate Marketing is not riskier and less expensive. It is also providing you fast results.

The thing is, those who want to earn an income through Affiliate Marketing Strategy, he/ she needs to be creative and adapt to new technology trends and ideas.


When you identify the proper people for advertising, you improve your chances of generating a sale and will also reduce the number of errors in your day.


Using marketing tools to your advantage is a smart approach to become a successful affiliate marketer, and we hope you get the answer to the question: Is Affiliate Marketing Dead 2021?


Now, let’s jump on some latest affiliate marketing trending news for 2021.


Affiliate Marketing News For 2021


Tracking is an important criterion for all advertisers who are managing Affiliate Marketing campaigns.


The recent news arrives that some browser companies started working on getting rid of 3rd party tracking. Possibly, from 2022, Google will also apply the same methods by phasing out 3rd party cookies that are using in redirect tracking.


Hope everyone handles it very well…


The important news for Affiliate Marketing is companies are now spending their money on this marketing and they also generate great revenue through it. 


How Affiliate Marketing changes whole online marketing techniques we can understand through some of the Affiliate Marketing stats…


So, now we can move onto the basic Affiliate Marketing stats news.


Top Affiliate Marketing Statistics For 2021


Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular than ever as it has a cost-effective method of reaching out to target audiences. 


How do you find its growth? Check this…


In 2017, affiliate marketing sales come in at $5.4 billion. 

In 2022, it is expected that the Annual spending in this industry is projected to reach $8.2 billion. (Online Research Data)


It’s great… Quite healthy growth !!!


Furthermore, “Technology and Marketing Tools” continue to support sellers and affiliates in understanding their consumers and purchasing habits. 


Marketers can stay informed and respond faster with more of these tools and alternatives accessible.


The growth arrives in online shopping with a discount from the last 2-3 years is the most positive trend of Affiliate Marketing. 


According to Accenture’s research, as reported by Awin, 45% of people do shopping from online sites in 2020.


SaaS Scout reports that in 2020 affiliate marketing alone drives 15-30% of sales from advertising. 


With these sales, the estimated value of affiliate marketing increases around $12 billion, where the U.S. marketing value including $4.5 billion.

In the Market Share, the U.S. accounts for 39%, after it, UK and Germany followed it with 15% and 11%. 


According to Salesforce data, in 2020, during the holidays season – total digital sales reached $270 billion globally and $60 billion in the U.S. alone. Compared to 2019, revenue generated in the U.S. increased 29% more. 


One of the popular Affiliate companies, Groupon, generated $2.2 billion in annual revenue in 2019 with its 50 million active users.


Affiliate Marketing Success Story:


How did they make success in Affiliate Marketing? In the Affiliate Marketing success stories, you get the answer – with proper affiliate marketing ideas and techniques; they achieve this milestone.  


You can also find they couldn’t achieve it in a quick time. It takes lots of time and hard work. By applying some tricks and trends of affiliate marketing, finally, they got success.


So, here we are going to show you the 11 latest affiliate marketing trends for 2021 that you can’t miss.


11 Latest Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2021


First look at the Which Affiliate Marketing Trends we will cover here:


1. Block The Third-party Cookies

2. Long-tail keywords and voice search

3. Create Multi-channel Affiliate Marketing Strategy

4. Make your strategy that focusing on Influencers

5. Focus on Local Affiliate Marketing Trends That Gives You Popularity

6. Focus On Seasonal and Holiday Themes Trends 

7. Customers like a video as a content marketing

8. Develop Your Marketing Industry Strategy According to Google Update

9. Take More Advantages of Automation Tools 

10. Go With Flexible And Responsive Ads

11. Make Your Affiliate Programme Unique


I think you get the idea with this quick view. 


For getting more descriptive details, please read all the points till the end. The inside info gives you exactly.


1. Block The Third-party Cookies


As we told before, Google Chrome is planning to block all third-party tracking cookies by 2022.


Not only Google, but Apple is also making tracking options based on user opt-in.


Whenever this technology arrives, it will affect the publisher’s and sellers’ approach in affiliate marketing.


So, all they have to do is adapting new ways for tracking and processing data.


Now, you are aware of the news, it’s time to get ready for an update.


2. Long-tail Keywords and Voice Search


In the future, Google gives higher visibility to the blog or query which solves users’ issues. Voice search always comes in the questionnaire terms. 


The 10 most popular questions on Google are starting with “How to…?”


So, you can easily get ranking with voice search.


About Long-tail keywords !!!


Whenever you want to rank on Google, always try to implement long-tail keywords. 


Affiliate marketers probably don’t rely on voice search when researching their topic (or maybe they do? Write in comments!) but many people do for their day-to-day questions.


It’s far more difficult to target and promote for specific long-tail keywords that people are looking for. The conversion rates are quite high when you correctly target this term.


With voice search including long-phrase keywords, it generates a high possibility to rank on the first page of the search engine. 


So, if you are developing affiliate marketing strategies, don’t forget this trend.


3. Create Multi-channel Affiliate Marketing Strategy


What is Multi-channel marketing? 


It is a marketing strategy in which marketers get a promotion and make more revenue from different sites.


Why do you use Multi-channel marketing?


Adopt a multi-channel strategy because different websites are popular for different niches (like videos, podcasts, designing, blogging, etc.). So, if you promote according to the selected platform niche, you can get well reach.


Current evidence shows the rising approach of the multi-channel strategy. More affiliate partners find their clients on different platforms. So, it is an important 2021 trend for marketing.


4. Make your strategy that focusing on Influencers 


In the current period, privacy and uncertainty concerns are increased because of Big Tech’s overreach adds. 


So, trust becomes the key factor in purchasing…


For becoming a trusting brand, Consumers prefer a content marketing approach.


To write quality content brand focuses on influencers who produce authentic content. 


If you are reading this and want to grow your business continuously, look for influencers within your niche who produce content that applies to your brand. 


In the coming year, affiliate marketing is more in trend. So Find early as possible.


5. Focus on Local Affiliate Marketing Trends That Gives You Popularity


Localization is knowing the culture and marketing of your target per its standards and expectations. 


All the businesses like to choose affiliates who know how to make popularity in local marketing.


As technology improves with trends – brands are more relevant and accessible to many audiences.


It is intelligent to discover and create collaborations with trustworthy leaders with stronger communities interactions with segments.


6. Focus On Seasonal and Holiday Themes Trends


For many years, marketers benefit from seasonal and holiday sales, by creating additional offers for special day’s sales.


Consumers also showing interest and respond well to it.


You can also make creative ads for your niche and promote them on traditional and seasonal days to get benefits.


The National Day Calendar is a useful source for planning your traditional sales throughout the year.


By generating content and sharing discount codes with your target audience, you can extend your affiliate marketing strategy.


7. Customers like a video as a content marketing 


According to Wyzowl’s 2020 video marketing statistics reports,


– 84% of people like to buy a product and service after watching the product’s video.

– 66% of people like to watch a short video to learn something about products and services.


This no. is huge.


So, if you evaluate video marketing trends in your service or content, it may help you to lead more sales.


What is the benefit of video marketing? 


You can easily get started. Just started a short explanation video, add some content, and get educated to your target audience.  


It also offers sufficient opportunity to search for partners who already operate in the media for YouTube’s prominence as an influential platform.


8. Develop Your Marketing Industry Strategy According to Google Update


Have you heard about Google Algorithms? I think everyone is aware and scared of it.


No one knows when google comes with a new algorithm update. In a recent update, Google introduced new link attributes “rel=sponsored” and “rel=ugc.” 


Before it took algorithms for paid and sponsored links, including affiliate links, then later on Google took updates for user-generated content such as comments and forum posts.


Sometimes this algorithm makes a negative impact on the website. It directly affects your keywords. 


Better to generate quality content and building your website’s credibility. 


Google’s purpose is only to filter out spam links. So if your content is good you can easily get a high ranking. 


9. Take More Advantages of Automation Tools


Using automation tools makes you work smartly. It will help you in several ways as you can easily make your strategy and managing traditional campaigns.


For more creativeness, you can use shorter links, build a dashboard, and get discount offers.


Other affiliate marketing trends can only benefit you, given all the other affiliate marketing trends you must follow.


10. Go With Flexible And Responsive Ads


We know sometimes you think about what happened if affiliate marketing will run out of places to advertise?

If you are also thinking like that, then now stop worrying about it !!!




Because there are lots of affiliate marketing trends that are seamlessly available in the advertising field.


You have seen YouTube ads. YouTube recently introduced audio ads for podcasts, along with displaying ads on videos. 


Check Facebook ads. They limit the maximum number of ads per page from March 2021. According to the announcement, it will optimize ads easier.


Whoever is correct, there will be more possibilities to either promote more or optimize better. It is possible to contact your target audience with one of these alternatives.


11. Make Your Affiliate Programme Unique


Your affiliate program becomes more attractive to brand and product owners because of your efforts.


As total marketing costs increase, it is becoming easier and less expensive for outsiders to do outsourced marketing activities that are not as high fixed costs as large corporations do.


If you still find the perfect tool to manage your affiliate business, contact ADAttract


We are the most comprehensive and innovative performance marketing company. We have an extensive network of teams that offers us a unique way to find new customers with high lifetime value. 




Based on these expert predictions, affiliate marketing trends in 2021 will shift toward innovative tactics and a strong focus on development. 


If Google is giving more weight to the user’s intent in its results, then the affiliate marketing tactics will also reflect it. 


Experts advise that the greatest approach to increase trust and authority is to create meaningful relationships. You’ll be able to boost conversions by being one of the most trusted voices in your niche.


The best communication channel to enhance the evergreen content on your affiliate website is social media. And it’s where customers are spending a growing amount of their time.


What other affiliate marketing trends do you know that affect you in 2021? Let us know in the comments box!


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