Media Buying 101: A Complete Guide for Beginners

There are many ways you can promote your products or services through affiliate marketing. For example, you can write a marketing blog, share social media posts, to use email marketing strategies. But you know What Is Media Buying? In this post, we are sharing an article for “Media Buying 101: A Complete Guide for Beginners.” Here, you can find important guidelines for buying media such as what media buying is… and importance, process, stage, types of media buying.


If you are looking to hone your skills in this field, this guide is for you. This blog would cover all the fundamentals topics of media buying. It will then share tips to help you fine-tune your way of earning more for every dollar you spend.


What is Media Buying?


It is simple to describe media buying. In the age of digital advertising, the term “media buying” can mean something more precisely. Media buying core definition is – the process of purchasing the right ad space at the right time.


How to start Media Buying for beginners?


Here are the steps to get started with media buying if you’re a beginner. Many people struggle in media buying and marketing and waste money because they do not implement these stages and consider anything.


If you want to be successful in your online marketing, you must first purchase advertising space and attract the right people.


Media Buying 101 A Complete Guide for Beginners


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Importance of Media Buying


In a marketplace where consumers are involved in the content through multiple devices, with media buying – you make sure your customer’s brand or services appear in the right place. It cultivates partnerships with media networks to ensure that you get the best boost for the investment with your promotional budget.


Digital media buying involves various social media and online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. On the other hand, electronic media buying also focuses on media that use electronic technologies such as broadcasting. This covers tv, radio, and portions of the internet.


Why you should choose a career in Media Buying?


1. You can learn how to reach potential clients at the right place and time.

2. It is an affordable and effective strategy of Digital Marketing.

3. You can learn ad placement for company products and services on the website where competitor ads are found with media buying.

4. You can help other companies to determine their goals.


How Does Media Buying Works?


The media buying process is a method to ensure that the advertising is shown to the target market. It includes buying the right spaces and time slots so you can reach the target market and different media outlets.


This contains newspapers, TV ads, magazines, radio, and online banner advertising. Buying media is known as the paying aspect of your marketing strategy where you need to buy space on the online platform.


Essential Steps for Digital Media Buying 101


1. Recognize the Target Audience

2. Market Research

3. Set your goal

4. Create a strategy

5. Negotiating

6. Launching your campaign

7. Results analysis


4 stages of Media Buying


So what is included in the media buying plan? Here are 4 steps for media buying that creates an effective media plan:


1. Preparation

2. Creation

3. Scaling

4. Media targeting


Types of Media Buying


If you’re new in digital Media buying, you could be known about banner ads and not much more. But, there are several different types of media available in Media Buying, which includes:


⚈ Banner ads

⚈ App install ads

⚈ Native advertising in social media

⚈ Video advertising

⚈ Paid search advertising

⚈ Audio ads




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