8 Best Media Buying Platforms for Businesses: A Brief Guide

Demand and supply. Everyone is familiar with the expression that sums up the economic tug-of-war on which every business either succeeds or fails. These concepts are clearly expressed in the area of media buying (no cheesy marketing pun intended). To better comprehend media buying platforms, let’s take a brief tour of the world of ad tech.


What Is A Media Buying Platform?

Software that makes it possible to acquire advertising space is known as a media buying platform. Recall supply and demand, right? The demand for ad inventory, also known as ad space, is created by marketers who want it. Publishers provide the supply because they have the ad inventory.


Demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms are two categories of media buying platforms that work together to create the exchange of ad inventory (SSPs). These divisions of media buying platforms specify whether they are assisting publishers or advertisers in the transaction.


Benefits of Media Buying Platforms

The most obvious advantage that media purchasing platforms bring to marketers is that they give media buyers a single destination to find and secure ad space. Other advantages are:



With the help of specialized, granular targeting tools, buying platforms enable agencies and advertisers to hyper-target their campaigns. This means that advertisers can maximize their return on investment (ROI) by targeting only the people who are most likely to respond to their messaging.


Inventory Access: 

By locating the inventory, DSPs do the majority of the work for buyers during the media buying process. While some ad exchanges and DSPs provide a wide variety of inventory across channels, others specialize in particular markets or concentrate primarily on a select few channel types. Buyers gain from a market they may browse without the necessity for backdoor connections in either case.



Thanks to technology, purchasing media is now a much more practical and scalable procedure. Large-scale ad inventory transactions can be completed instantly and smoothly with the use of automation.



Real-time bidding is becoming more and more common in online advertising, whether you’re purchasing media through a public or private market. This implies that you base your audience purchases on the real-time information the DSP has access to. To know more about media buying contact us today.


8 Best Media Buying Platforms


media buying platforms


For the effective buying and selling of ad spots, digital media buying platforms assist in bringing publishers and advertisers together. Here, publishers from all over the world display their available ad spots, from which advertisers select the ones they believe are most appropriate for their ads.


Learn about some of the most popular media buying platforms and how they may aid in your business promotion.


1. Advidi

An affiliate marketing network called Advidi works with marketers and publishers in more than 100 different nations. It stands out for two reasons: its global reach and its acceptance of the majority of the frequently outlawed verticals.


Advidi has a respectable anti-fraud system in place. The worst spam and fraud that you might encounter can be successfully fought off by it.


2. Brandzooka

Numerous prestigious websites, like Zillow, HGTV, Monster, the BBC, CNN, The Onion, Fandango, and others, have relationships with Brandzooka. Brandzooka prioritizes video advertising over conventional display advertisements. There are hundreds of sites available for placement, and the minimum bid is $50. All you need to do is post a video commercial, specify a spending limit and target audience, and then wait. Within 2 to 24 hours, your film will be seen on a number of different websites.


3. AdRoll

A large platform called AdRoll serves retailers, B2B businesses, agencies, and PaaS partners. They offer resources for prospecting and retargeting, and their offerings include web ads, email ads, and a few other smaller choices. They don’t have a lot of media options and aren’t extremely unique, but they put in a lot of effort.


4. Google Display and Video 360

The Google Display & Video 360 is a fantastic media buying platform that gives marketers access to a wealth of useful features. Campaign management, tailored data-driven creative support, audience management, premium ad inventory access from the best publishers worldwide, and data analysis are among the features.


5. Amazon DSP

The Demand Side Platform on the internet that receives the most traffic is Amazon DSP. With the help of this advertiser, you can access all the platforms and websites that Amazon has, together with those of the other Amazon Partners. 


We all know that Amazon is the largest eCommerce site on the planet, and it got to where they are by offering the best products and services. Because of this, you can have complete confidence that the platform will keep you safe and support effective brand growth.


6. The Trade Desk

One of the largest digital media buying platforms available now online is The Trade Desk. The platform gives you access to some of the most powerful brands on the market and exposes your ads to a number of prestigious media. Spotify, the Wall Street Journal, and ESPN are some of the most well-known publishers connected to the Trade desk.


7. Adobe Advertising Cloud

The Adobe advertising cloud is a fantastic DSP that Adobe introduced and offers you a number of useful capabilities to effectively reach your target audience. Cross-screen planning, premium inventory management, people-based marketing, and creative management are some of these aspects. The Adobe Advertising Cloud provides you with excellent all-around guidance to obtain the top outcomes, just as Google DV360.


8. AdColony

Another excellent platform that enables advertisers to publish their adverts on mobile apps for both Android and iOS is called Ad Colony. Experimenting with various ad styles is the greatest method to determine which mobile advertisements perform the best. Once you are aware of the greatest ones, you may then optimize the ones that produce the best results. Using AdColony makes this simpler. To access the database of more than 450 million app users, the platform provides a number of ad placement methods.


To obtain the best ad slots on websites, these were some of the best digital media buying platforms. These platforms allow you to make the most innovative and interactive advertisements and publish them on some of the top digital advertising channels in the world.



Programmatic and media buying have so much more potential. Also, not all media buying platforms are made equal, it’s crucial to thoroughly investigate potential partners, find out about their inventory, and evaluate their data access, targeting abilities, and industry knowledge. Learn more about how specialist ad tech solutions can assist you in locating the ideal platform and media options by visiting Adattract. We are one of the leading CPA Affiliate Networks that provides performance-based online marketing for advertisers

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