The Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences & Events in the World

Affiliate marketing conferences are excellent opportunities to learn new tricks, meet new people, and create connections in your field. The following is a list of affiliate marketing conferences you can attend. Below are some not-to-be-missed affiliate marketing events that will undoubtedly open new gates for you and offer the foundation for great projects and profitable collaborations in the creative and profitable world of affiliate marketing.


The Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences

The Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences & Events in the World


The Must-Attend Affiliate Marketing Conferences


1. Affiliate World Conferences

The owners of the STM forums run the Affiliate World conferences. They’ve raised the bar for affiliate conferences to a new level. If you want to expand your network, discuss high-level techniques with successful affiliates, and learn from high-level presenters, It is the biggest affiliate marketing conference to attend.

Affiliate World Conferences provide opportunities for

• Networking with other affiliates

• Career potential 

• Meeting the speakers and super-affiliates

• Taking notes from the speakers

• You can meet with reputed company’s affiliate managers, traffic source representatives, and the owners of tools and software


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2. A4D

For some of the world’s best affiliates, A4D offers a one-day conference every year. Most of the people come from the US. As a result, it’s an excellent networking event for finding local affiliates. Because no sponsors and no one on stage is trying to sell you anything. It’s the type of event that all affiliates enjoy since it allows them to spend time with other experts. It all comes down to people that want to expand their business. Around 300 to 400 people come to the conference. Everyone is packed in the room, and the whole event is organized to maximize everyone’s time.


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3. Affiliate Summit West/East

Affiliate Summit conferences are also among the top for arranging networking events. You may not attend all of them, but attempt to attend at least one.


4. LeadsCon

LeadsCon, the marketing event held in both Las Vegas and New York, includes over a hundred presenters at each event and highlights the most recent new marketing technologies. The name “Leadscon” gives away that it’s a lead-generating conference, But here’s a quick summary of what the conference includes:

• It is heavily focused on digital marketing and lead generation.

• Finance, for-profit education, insurance, healthcare, automobile, and home services are the primary verticals covered in the event.

• This conference attracts over 3,000 people so you can meet new people.


5. Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is a mobile-only event. This conference will discuss how various types of organizations may incorporate mobile marketing into their operations. This is more of a “big league” type of conference because it is mostly made up of significant companies. Every year, Samsung launches its new phones here. This is more than a business-to-business gathering where IT executives can cooperate, network, and learn. This is an excellent event for those who are searching for a competitive advantage in other sectors or more tech-related enterprises.


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6. AdTech

AdTech events are held in the United States, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It focuses more on traditional internet companies than CPA marketing. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. One advantage of this conference is that they expose you to fresh ideas and methods that you could not have heard in STM, popular blogs, or in your masterminds.


7. DMEXCO (Digital Marketing and Exposition Conference)

It’s one of the most important digital conferences. Speakers at the event include representatives from Google, Facebook, Nestle, P&G, BMW, AOL, and Bloomberg. If you get seats, you’re in luck – because all the seats are filled up in a while. You are crazy as you see the networking.


8. Traffic and Conversion Summit

The Traffic and Conversion Summit is more of an “internet marketing” conference than a pure affiliate marketing one. Digital marketers and speakers can teach a lot to affiliates who work in online enterprises. Topics frequently discussed include Facebook, search, funnel construction, sales, conversion hacks, upcoming traffic sources, Funnels, CVO, copywriting, split testing, and so on.


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Affiliate Marketing Conferences in Africa and Asia

1. Arab Affiliate Summit

The Arab Affiliate Summit provides a wonderful platform for affiliate marketers to make new connections and share ideas on various initiatives. This conference took place mainly in September. It’s worth monitoring this conference Facebook page for updates on future conferences.


2. India Affiliate Summit

Affiliate conferences are very popular in India. It is also an excellent way to network across the country. Often Westerners outsource their business to India makes sense at events like the India Affiliate Summit.


3. Global Marketing Conference

It is held every two years in various countries like Hong Kong, China; Seoul, Korea; Tokyo, Japan. It’s important to note the Global Marketing Conference, which takes place every two years in different cities around Asia only for affiliate marketers.


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Affiliate Marketing Conferences in North / South America

1. Performance Marketing Summit

Affiliate Summit host the Performance Marketing Summit in Chicago and Toronto, which are exclusive, private events with a capacity of 100 participants for intimate networking. Because of the smaller size, you can rub shoulders with some of the most well-known names in internet marketing.


2. AvantExpo

AvantExpo, a smaller event in a less-traveled portion of the United States, is an ideal alternative for visitors who are searching for local networking possibilities in Utah and the neighboring states. It has only been running for a few years, so it’s not as well known as other events. However, this just means that those that attend may form stronger bonds and that there isn’t as much crowding as you could find at some of the larger expos.


3. CJU 

An exclusive event for partners who currently have relationships with affiliate marketing business with CJ Affiliate. CJUniversity is a fantastic opportunity for networking and connecting with partners. If you’re dedicated, you can also choose the CJ Affiliate.


4. Afiliados Brasi

Brazil is a developing global power, and its need for affiliate marketers is expanding at pace with its GDP. Consider attending the upcoming Afiliados Brasil if you conduct business in South America or if you want to create this channel for your company. Keep in mind that this event is held in Portuguese, so you’ll need to be fluent in the language (or have someone translate for you) if you want to get anything out of it.


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Affiliate Marketing Conferences in Western Europe


1. Performance Marketing Insights

Performance Marketing Insights events in London and Amsterdam attract a wide audience and are attended by some of the world’s largest online businesses, including Amazon, Calvin Klein, and HP. Furthermore, the Performance Marketing Awards in London are held once a year to recognize marketers who have done an outstanding job of establishing their businesses. These events feature more than simply affiliate marketing, but they’re a great location to meet some of the most recognized businesses.


2. London Affiliate Conference

The London Affiliate Conference, a massive conference hosted at one of the largest convention facilities in the UK. It is a terrific place to go if you want a huge networking opportunity filled with experienced marketers. With over 5,000 marketers in attendance and a wide range of booths, there will be lots of new people to meet and new ideas to explore. There’s also a variety of relevant panels and presentations to keep you busy during the event.


3. Affiliate Marketing Expo

Affiliate Marketing Expo, with two days of seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities, has the additional advantage of being free for retailers and publishers, making it even more helpful as an opportunity to interact with a variety of networks.


4. Affiliate Marketing Konferenz

Affiliate Marketing Konferenz, Zurich’s premier affiliate marketing event, is an excellent conference to attend if you plan on doing business in Europe. The conference, as well as most of the panels, are done in German, but the high level of English spoken across Switzerland means that you’ll be able to establish lots of new contacts even if you don’t understand the local language (though it’s a bonus).


5. Affiliate Conference – Germany

Affiliate Conference in Munich is another outstanding German-speaking conference. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect and learn about the in or and outs of affiliate marketing in Europe. Local German guests will feel perfectly at home, while those from far afield will find it to be an excellent chance for a holiday. 


6. Affiliate TactixX 

Munich is a major affiliate marketing hub, as shown by yet another yearly conference held in the city. Affiliate TactixX contains some of the top brands in German affiliate marketing and allows you to develop your affiliate company if you’re based in another country.


7. Berlin Affiliate Conference

If you want to create affiliate marketing connections all around Germany but aren’t sure if you have the language abilities to do so, check out the Berlin Affiliate Conference. This German event, organized by iGB Affiliate — the same organization that organizes the London Affiliate Conference – is far more welcoming to outsiders, with greater English language support and a huge auditorium packed with guests from all across Europe.


8. Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 

The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, hosted once again by iGB Affiliate, is a fantastic event to attend if you want to develop business connections not just in Amsterdam, but throughout the Dutch-speaking globe. This conference is part of a bigger event, the iGaming Super Show, so if you’ve gotten your fill of affiliate marketing, there’s much more to see around the convention center.


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Affiliate Marketing Conferences in Eastern Europe and Russia


1. Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo

The Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo are among the more Western-friendly events on the Russian affiliate marketing calendar, with slightly more resources for English speakers than some of the other events listed below. However, unless you have a friendly Russian speaker with you, it may still be difficult to traverse, so plan of time unless you want to get really lost.


2. CPAconf Affiliate Conference

If you know what you’re doing for Eastern European languages, it’s worth attending one of the several CPAconf Affiliate Conference events that take place both in Kiev and in the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. These events take place in incredibly stunning places, so do some sightseeing while you’re there.



KINZA in Moscow has an amazing lineup of speakers and many significant firms that will be helpful if you’re trying to network in Russia. This event attracts a big portion of the Russian affiliate community and offers good networking chances if you’re looking to grow your reach in this region of the world.


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The Benefits of Attending Affiliate Conferences:

• You can discover the latest trends in your field

• Meet the industry’s most influential people

• Use what you’ve learned and applied it to your business.

• Start networking, making new connections, and gaining an advantage over your competitors.

Of course, affiliate marketing conferences are about doing business with having fun. Most conferences are jam-packed with activities such as parties, drinking, and other forms of entertainment. So, if you are affiliate marketing, once in life attend the popular conference.


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