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Are you looking for ways to improve and expand your revenue online for your business? Have you thought about marketing affiliates? ADAttract service takes all effort to handle your affiliates, establish ties, develop new campaigns and work with affiliates' account managers.

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CPA stands for Cost per Action or Acquisition. In this campaign, you have to pay us (publishers) after someone purchased your product or service. This is a low-risk way for advertisers to buy media. And a high-risk way for publishers, as they have to run advertising with risk. If no one buys the service, the publisher will not make money. So, the banner is best for advertising mode but worst for rate.

CPA = Cost to the Advertiser / Number of Conversions

CPL stands for Cost Per Lead. This model allows advertisers to pay only when someone completes or submits a lead form. It’s most often seen in a business-to-business marketing model. If there is no programmable bot, this is one of the most effective ways for business leads. From the formula of CPL, one can counts how much each lead costs.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) = Total Marketing Spend / Total New Leads.

CPS stands for Cost per Sale. It is a payment model in which advertisers are paid for sales generated by publishers through an ad placed in the publisher’s mobile or desktop categories. CPS is a particular example of a wider promotional payment model of a CPA (Cost-Per-Action). This model is useful for marketers as it reduces promotion and advertising costs.

CPS = Total cost / Total sales number

CPI stands for Cost Per Install. If you talk about the promotion of mobile apps, CPI immediately comes to mind. In this model, advertisers pay for each application installed. It is one of the most common models for increasing application installation for mobile marketing. If there is no programmable bot, this is one of the most effective ways for boosting your app usage by installation.

CPI = Total Amount Spend / Total Measured installs

CPC stands for cost per click advertising. In this model of advertising model, advertisers will only pay publishers if their ad is clicked. Typically, advertisers pay for redirect traffic to a particular website by publishers. In general, worldwide marketers are like CPCs. Because in this model, they only pay when the customer is sufficiently engaged in the post.

CPC= Cost to the Advertiser / Number of Clicks

CPM stands for Cost per Thousand-page impression. It is usually related to the cumulative amount of clicks made by visitors on a website. Various big Ad networks calculate the ad revenue for websites based on CPM. Various large ad networks calculate the advertising revenue of their website by CPM-based model. You only have to pay for ads when your ad appears on a website or in a smartphone app.

CPM = (Cost to the Advertiser / No. of Impressions) x 1000

CPV stands for Cost Per Visit. It’s a guaranteed media buying model in which advertisers only pay for ads that appear during store visits. It is a performance-guaranteed model for optimizing offline visits. It is ideal if the KPIs are based on real-world results, such as increasing traffic flow and the number of in-store visits from previous clients. CPV marketing trends give you the flexibility to create the right promotional plan to achieve the desired offline results.

CPV = Total Amount Spend / Total Measured Views